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Hello, and thanks for visiting my page. I am 16 years old, I come from Finland and I'm a modder for Amnesia - The Dark Descent.

Along with modding, my interests are philosophy, metal music and meeting new people. About metal music, my all time favourite band is the band by the guitar god himself:

I can also help new scripters with their Amnesia projects, if you need help just consider messaging me ^^

Have a nice day,

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Hello everyone, this is a blog about random facts of my two mods I've released on the page. I'm writing this due to my ultra boredom at the school xD

Let's start. Bold facts will be about The Chosen Ones while normal text is about Orion.

1. According to gameplays and comments and what I've heard, no one has found the secret note from the first map.

2. The Chosen Ones has two maps from Orion. They also cover the same usage aswell- cellar is the same in the both maps with very few actual changes. Second Floor from Orion is Study in The Chosen Ones, but the Second Floor was originally planned to be Study aswell. It didn't however make sense to have a "Study" which is larger than the main section of the small mansion, so it was changed to "Second Floor".

3. The "What broke down the door?" encounter in the second floor can be ignored by walking around the area it's supposed to be executed. That doesn't affect the gameplay or endings or anything anyhow.

4. Only changes in the cellar level was a removal of few notes, added planks and added key. Otherwise, the map is excatly the same.

5. The first map is named "NewStoryMap1". It was chosen due to me giving up on my current project on that time, and thus giving it that name.

6. The chronologically last map, Quarters, is my first Amnesia map which I've ever made.

7. This is nothing positive, but the notes in Orion were all written in 15 minutes. I've still gotten few positive comments about the notes though xD

8. The Chosen Ones was originally supposed to have a storyline. It was about mystical creatures called "Nightscalpers", but the story I wrote made absolutely no sense and I scrapped it, thus turning the mod into gameplay oriented, rather than story oriented.

9. The last map on Orion, the "dungeon", is called "Puzzlesjihnge". The name makes no sense, and it was written by randomly pressing some keys on keyboard after writing the "Puzzle", due to not having time to name it after making the map.

10. Along with storyline, the mod was supposed to have an easter egg. Due to that, there is an empty pedestal on the Library map. You were supposed to put something there, but I eventually scrapped it aswell, due to having an easter egg without proper story would've made no sense.

11. The element puzzle on the last map was inspired by one of my favourite custom stories, "Five Magics".

12. The Chosen Ones also was supposed to have at least three endings. "A coward's ending" would've been that you simply escape from the mansion. "Good brother- ending" was that you save your Brother from Nightscalpers (this is related to the story I mentioned before) and get out, and a "Nightscalper ending" was that you both die.

13. No one has figured how to get the good ending, at least yet. There is a comment By me on the site which explains how to get it. The ending was made easier to achieve on the later version.

14. There is a way to start a brute chase when you're supposed to leave the mansion, in the main area. No one has found it yet.

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