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The development for AIHM is Officially halted due to personal and emotional issues

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The development for AIHM is Officially halted due to personal and emotional issues. Since 2002 i've been going through severe depression and it's been really effecting my work and i can't work like this... until i overcome my issues, the development will be slowed to a halt.

I'm really sorry... i just can't work like this anymore. Development will come back soon... but not now.


i am really sorry...

Celticsfan - - 1 comments

Take your time. As much as all of us tracking want to play the custom story, we don't want the creator to go through this. I speak on behalf of all of us tracking and I hope when you do return to developing the game it will be one of the best Custom Storys out there. Good luck.

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antonisper - - 33 comments

It's fine man no need to be sorry. In fact you just gave me one more reason to wanna play this Custom Story when and if it comes out.

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null_deadaccount - - 262 comments

We don't mind if it's halted. I can understand your depression at the moment and how you can't take it. I have been facing a lot of depression recently and as you can see the depression isn't good in any way. I have been thinking for so long and I started hating people a lot. You don't have to rush yourself so you can take all your time.

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ReadingNotAllowed - - 466 comments

Man.. I know exactly what you are going through, get better soon :D

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Landvaettr - - 74 comments

We can wait. For now take care of yourself, it's way more important.

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Psykljudet Author
Psykljudet - - 565 comments

thank you... so much.
I Will make some maps in my personal time because it is something that makes happy, That's why i started modding this wonderful game.

Your support keeps me going... it's what keeps me awake at night. my personal life however has gone all grey... i will restart the mod soon.

Thank You.

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null_deadaccount - - 262 comments

No problem. I'm glad if you're happy.
And it's obvious that mapping makes us all happy here at IndieDB. Some real life people might consider it pointless and stupid, but we consider it as an art.

We can't let your personal life go grey, we will help you in every way. Don't force yourself to start the mod unless if you really want to.

We're with you.

P.S: Look at Happy Book Simon to cheer yourself up.

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BlasterLizardCo - - 614 comments

Oh man! OMG Bro... I wish you all the best! >.< Seriously! Take your time! You will make it! I wish I could help you more than only supporting your game! You´re the best bro! Keep straight... Keep going, we will help you make it through!

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Bad_Peek - - 366 comments

That's fine bro. You should take a rest however. Take care bro and we are not forgot this mod. We still here to support this mod. ;)

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impala-of-mayfair - - 201 comments

I also suffer from clinical depression. It's one of the hardest and most misunderstood medical/cognitive issues in the world, and I know just how hard it can be. I know this probably doesn't help much, me being an internet stranger and all, but I want you to know I am here for you and you're in my thoughts. Always.

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Slanderous - - 693 comments

That's fine, man. I know that feel, bro. I was working in my goddamn life on over four Amnesia mods, and only one has been released (plus one demo). Hope you get better soon, take your time, and get this amazing mod finished!

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