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After the first official release, the mod finds itself on a hard point of development.

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After the v1.0 release, I've done a few more cosmetic changes to the mod, and started making it more "mod-friendly" with other gametypes and custom content:


  • Improved the CheckReplacement function to replace more kinds of items properly;
  • Tweaked Death particles effect to prevent it from happening from NPCs/monsters on mods;
  • Tweaked Carcass replacements to only apply on player and bot carcasses;
  • Added proper support for LastManStanding gametype, starting off with armor.


  • Started basic support for the third class;
  • Optimized sound files organization;
  • Fixed a small bug where on online teammatches, players would see TWICE the amount of death particles;
  • Changed weapon sizes for classes (since they use the same model and skin, this might work for now);
  • Started basic support for custom songs to be played in-game, replacing default map songs.


  • Improved code for Gamma's non-charged Earth projectile (although it should be further improved);
  • Added support for dropping random items on death;
  • Improved ammo absorption LocalMessage: now it says the correct amount of stolen ammo, and is colored;
  • Added custom LocalMessage for class selection, instead of relying on standard (ugly) clientmessages;
  • Reduced collision size for Gamma's non-charged Air projectile.


  • Many balance changes on projectiles and weapon fire rates;
  • Started basic support for random item spawner.
Custom localized message: ammo absorption Custom localized message: class selection

I've found myself in a hard situation, since the focus on the mod development is divided: I should favor either polishing things as much as possible, for non-milestone releases (v1.1, v1.2...), or add more content to it and release a third class or maybe even additional gametypes or heavy custom content (custom models) and make a full milestone release (v2.0) .

But... right now the production has been a little delayed, since I focused on polishing the mod instead of adding newer content, and due to the lack of feedback I'm not very confident about the mod's future, since I depend on it to polish things, through bug reports and general suggestions.

Meanwhile, I'll try to acquire more experience with Uscript, while creating smaller projects, like the Shared Life mutator and others that are expected to be created soon.

But I'd like to ensure that I won't stop this project "for nothing", as I've got many ideas already for a third class and I definitely enjoy playing this one.

If you've played the mod, having liked it or not, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it so I can make it as good as possible, and find enough motivation to keep up with the initial production rhythm I had when I began it.


I did not play this of mod, but all the same I tell thanks! In the near future I will arrange it on!With impatience I will wait for updating

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Darkness Author

Thanks for the input, it's nice to see that UT99 still has a great comunity going on.

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One of my favorite games of all time, thanks for keeping it alive!

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very nice :D

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