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The latest test version has been distributed to the development team, but unfortunately the dreaded AI bugs have returned, this time in land skirmish mode...

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The latest test version is undergoing testing, aside from the normal small bugs and areas where balancing needs to be adjusted, EAW's fickle AI is causing havoc once again.

In skirmish mode, when doing a ground battle the Star Trek factions are unfortunately not building any vehicles or ground turrets, instead they spam basic infantry and infantry-based heroes (and occasionally the Delta Flyer). I have gone through all the AI files, uncovered some sloppy errors I've made in a few places and fixed them, however no change from the AI.

The Federation simply let Boba Fett stroll into their base

Unfortunately I'm at loggerheads as to how else to go about fixing this. In my countless Google Searches I uncovered this post on forum from 10 years ago, with the original poster encountering similar symptoms.

If anybody might have any idea how we might be able to fix this bug, please let me know and we would be most gracious.

Negtharayas16 - - 360 comments

Ask around. These AI errors have been encountered in other mods too. Ask if other developers have any ideas/experience with fixing this. As I understand, there have been some cool developments with compiling ai files recently, so there are some pretty competent guys around in the community for sure. Good Luck! Hope you find the roach and squash it!

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Captain_Kavok Author
Captain_Kavok - - 160 comments

Thanks, still no further forward at this stage unfortunately. I have tried giving the Trek factions some of the vanilla game Star Wars faction vehicles to build, but they still won't build them.

An encouraging sign however is that hopefully this same bug might not be in Galactic Conquest. I have been using a Romulan Shrike (they are good for moving to enemy planets and using them to spy) and I have noticed the AI Trek factions having ground units which normally they aren't provided with in the beginning (ie. Ground versions of the Peregrine Attack Fighters) so at least they're building ground units it seems in Galactic Conquest - where it matter the most.

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