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New members, new features, storyline updates and more!

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Hello everyone,

just recently I had posted the eighth part of this series, but I recently realized it was very poorly structured and it was missing a lot of stuff. This time, I'll be a little bit more in-detail with the development diary.

General News

A lot has been going on since I found my backup files. First of all I was in total confusion, since I had not written down what I had been doing at the moment I backuped. This led to total confusion when I opened the maps and scripts, and it took me a very long time to put the pieces together. I had to examine every script and map very carefully to get a grip what I had been working on - but for the most part, that is now solved!

I will update the description of the mod soon. There have been some minor changes in the plot, and the current description is slightly inaccurate. I'll update it whenever I manage to write something which makes sense - I tried it once already, but failed miserably.


Since the month has passed with me putting the pieces together, the actual progress is quite small. However, since there is someone working with me now, we have a new map coming soon which definitely is a great help. Also, the mod now has some new ambiences, from which I want to thank the new member Sabatu!

Sabatu is now a part of the Year Zero development team. I believe with his help the mod will improve a lot both design and quality wise, he is the grandmaster after all. I am super excited for what next year has to offer for Year Zero.

However, some general progress has made anyways. The storyline is looking pretty good, and a few of the maps are only missing the final touch.

New Feature - Ghosts

Now this is a part I am super excited about. With a massive inspiration from one of my favourite games, Phasmophobia, I have implemented a Ghost system in Year Zero. Every time you start the mod, one of the seven types of Ghosts will get chosen to be with you for the entire mod. The Ghosts have abilities which are both global (meaning that every type of Ghost can perform these abilities) and unique (meaning that every Ghost has their own distinctive abilities)

Every single Ghost has their own unique ability which will help you to identify what Ghost is with you. Each Ghost will also have a Positive ability (something good for you), a Neutral ability (not good, not bad), and a Negative ability (something bad).

A majority of the Ghost's actions will be determined by random chance. It is possible for the Ghost to make a lot of noise, or to throw a lot of stuff - or vice versa. Randomness will play a big role here - but this will add a lot of replay value.

I will not spoil the ghost types or their abilities here. However, I can mention their global abilities (which will not give away what type of Ghost is roaming the area), meaning that these are things every Ghost can do. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Throwing stuff around
  • Turning torches & candles on / off
  • Making audible footsteps
  • Moving objects and making noise
  • Cause thundering

As mentioned, there are seven different Ghosts as of now. The amount could be increased too, depending on how the mod itself progresses. And as aforementioned, this should add a lot of replayability for the mod, since every single playthrough will be different, due to the random behavior of the Ghost.

I hope ya'll are excited for this diary, because I surely am. After all the difficulties the project is finally going strong again - and I believe the mod will be released on Q2 of 2022.

Until the next time, cya!



yay for help on the mod!!! Also that ghost system sounds ******* awesome, i'm so glad you were able to continue on this mod, I can't wait for it :D

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Shyrtexx Author

Thanks bud, I hope I can deliver it next year!

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This sounds extremely innovative for an Amnesia mod even after so many entries to this series.

I'm really looking forward to this.

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Shyrtexx Author

Thanks a lot for the comment!

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