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Fifth diary in the Development series. Some general news this time.

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Hello everyone following this page, and for those who don't! It has been an incredibly long time since the last update, but here it is again - the fifth Development Diary for Year Zero.


Not too long ago I wrote what was supposed to be my final goodbyes (God himself only knows how many times I've left ModDB or cancelled my mods), but here I am again. What made me change my mind once again?

Yesterday (as I am writing this) we released a 24-hour challenge mod with Krusti, called A Lover's Quarrel (page: After we released it, I went back to some Year Zero maps, and out of nowhere I found myself detailing the maps and scripting new events. The challenge mod reminded me how much fun modding Amnesia can honestly be, and at that moment I knew I want to finish this mod. The third major mod under my name is still waiting its release, but this time I know this is going to be it. My apologies again for being too impulsive when it comes to writing goodbyes, I never think them throughout too well.. but whatever.


There isn't too much to write about in terms of progress, but we got the base plot done with Krusti. That is a huge step forwards, as stories have been real troublegivers for me in the past. We have also implemented ideas for new levels in the main area, since we only have two maps above ground at the moment (excluding the start map). The Underground Section has been given more detail, and I've added a bunch of lang entries all over the place. Minimal progress, but progress anyways. The general idea of major puzzles is also in my head, so one thing that's very apparent to me is that there will be a shitton of scripts to come.

This is all for this time, expect some new screenshots and news to come soon. Year Zero is alive and well.


astroghost - - 50 comments

Omg welcome back! I'm so glad you returned, I understood why you left but was super sad.
This was a mod I was really excited for, so I'm ecstatic that you changed your mind about it :) can't wait to see future updates!

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Shyrtexx Author
Shyrtexx - - 544 comments

Thanks a lot for the support dawnhelsing, this time I am pretty sure this mod will see the daylight!

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