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Developer's diary num.9: refining, optimizing, checking.

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Missed me?
Don't worry, I never forget about you :)


I did put so much effort into expanding the roman garden that with the knowledge of the ancient world I've gathered I could have probably released a full documentary on history channel by now.
Since the desert and the forest were already done, I focused all my efforts into recreating a new worldspace made of wonders and bliss.
Converting meshes/textures, finding the right lightning and feel took quite a long time, but the result is more than satisfactory.
What I really need to do is connect the several parts I've created into one galactic experience for you to enjoy. I'm having a hard time with this, I'll be honest.
I also plan to add small quests, a centaur (waiting for my friends SpikeDragonLord and jboyd4 to finish their project to add the creature) and some joyful ghosts to accompany you in this world.
But this time I'd like to go straight to the point and give you a list of what has been done in the last months and what needs to be done before you'll be able to enjoy the next release:

.Remake all low res textures
.Remake the bath area in the house
.Fix several meshes and add vertex colour
.Remake the stairs leading to the house
.Make the player able to sit on custom chairs
.Add a small "treasury room"
.Add a smelter, an anvil and a workbench
.Remake the elven garden with better meshes/textures
.Create a deserted worldspace with ancient egyptian ruins and a armor/weapons vendor

.Connect several areas in the roman garden
.Write a complex story behind the temple and the different worldspaces to blend everything within the lore (already have a general idea)
.Refining navmeshes
.Add a small quest in order to access the house
.Optimize several too high res textures
.Fix a special armor and a set of clothes
.Clean the mod as much as possible

I was hoping to release it some months ago, but time and luck (and also work) are not on my side.
Still, I'm giving you a Christmas present: enjoy these screenshots and prepare yourself to dwell in these environments. Your patience will be awarded one day.

Wish to all of you a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year full of love!

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Olde - - 53 comments

I'm pretty stunned. These screenshots are gorgeous!

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Guest - - 699,646 comments

It looks very interesting and beautiful.

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