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We have three videos up to show. A dungeon where the player rescues NPCs, a dark dungeon and the player building up the first town after building up a lot of construction orbs.

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At long last the first videos have been made. The first one is the player venturing through the second dungeon to free the first two NPCs.

In this second video we can see the player going through a dark dungeon. The difficulty here is the lack of vision making it very easy to get lost. Luckily the player stock piled torches to help mark locations they have been.

Now that the player has been through many of the dungeons they have decided to start building up the town with the orbs they collected. You can see they have built a small path around and upgraded the graveyard to its highest level (they thought it looked the coolest at level 3).

Some other updates;

  • Just a few more models need to be made and we can show the world map so far.
  • Dungeon generation now creates a large mesh instead of using individual tiles (quadrupling performance).
  • Added in a storage box system to help store more items than normal. You can buy/find mini chest 'traps' to place in dungeons to give you access to them.
  • Built two random encounter maps for the world map.
  • Added a new enemy to the paradise dungeons and the surrounding area of Merkaan (third town visited)
  • Merkaan has been built and just waiting on a couple of texture changes before putting up videos/screenshots.
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