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Hello there and welcome back to our 15th Developer Blog. Today we have something special for you.

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Developer Blog 15 Released!

Hello there and welcome back to our 15th Developer Blog. Today we have something special for you.

The animation above displays a typically dressed and equipped Union infantry ranker. He is wearing a sack coat (a clothing item that was most widely used by the Union soldiers throughout the war) together with regulation trousers, an 1858 Pattern Forage Cap and the so-called ‘Jefferson boots’, also known as ‘Brogans’, which were very typical footwear for soldiers on both sides of the conflict.

Further the soldier is equipped with a U.S. M1855 cartridge box, worn from a shoulder cartridge belt with the round decorative plate affixed. The soldier’s waist belt is decorated with an oval belt buckle made of brass and has a M1855 cap pouch and a Springfield bayonet scabbard attached to it, among other things.

On his back the soldier is wearing a 1853 Double bag knapsack used to carry personal belongings, spare clothing and any other items the soldier might need. A greatcoat or a blanket roll was commonly attached to it; this particular soldier has his greatcoat rolled up and strapped to the top of the knapsack. Rations and other food were generally carried in the U.S. regulation haversack, which the soldier wears on his side. It was common to attach mugs to the haversack, though our particular soldier has decided to attach it to his knapsack instead. Finally the soldier is wearing a M1862 canteen, commonly known as a ‘Bullseye canteen’. The canteens were sometimes covered with cloth in various colors and patterns or simply worn as they were, like on our soldier. Canteens were crucially important for any soldier both during the long exhausting marches and in combat.

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