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Guardians of the Past Steam Early Access Release 2.0! Closed Alpha Results, New Arena, Items and Insomnia 63 News!

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First, off we'd like to take a moment and thank everyone who's been following us whether recently or right from the start, truly without your interest and support we would not have gotten this far and we can't wait for everyone to finally get their hands on Guardians of the Past and battle with their friends!

So thank you! :D

Alpha Test Results!

We had some great fun playing with you guys that signed up to our closed alpha and we hope you guys had fun too, sadly we'd loved to have gotten more people involved but we would just end up buried with so many things to do. After some hard debugging and crossing the many, many weird and not so wonderful bugs off of our list, we have managed to smoothen the edges a little and get Guardians looking a lot closer to the initial vision we had way back in 2016.

Loading Screen

Early Access Release!

That being said (and because I can't bear to leave this announcement any later in the blog) we are happy to announce that Guardians of the Past will be available for purchase in Early Access on our

STEAM STORE!!! on the 30th of July 2018!

We can't wait for you guys to get your hands on a copy and join in the fun!!

until then be sure to jump onto our store now and add this bad boy to your wishlist so you are notified when sales are live!


Another New Arena!

This time prior to our next convention (which ill get onto later :D ) we're showing off the new arena we've been working on, The Ship!

The Ship

It has an upper deck with Trap Doors for some interesting combination ideas, A crowd favourite has seemingly been The Springer trap as going overboard is definitely not something you'd want in these shark-infested waters!

The Ship

As avid followers will know a realm doesn't come without a Guardian to protect it but for now, we'll leave you all to speculate on who will be stepping up to the plate next.

New Gadgets!

We've also been working on a couple of new items since we showed off the game back at i62 so here's a little glimpse for those who missed our social media posts!

The Hammer

A heavy hammer that sends enemies flying as you perform a brutal and unforgiving slam attack that has a chance to critically knock players across the arena!



The Dynamite

EXPLOSIVE! A bundle of dynamite to help heat up the battle and deals immense amounts of damage at close range. You don't wanna be holding this baby when it goes off that's for sure.. or maybe you do..?


Insomnia 63!

We're going to #i63! We delighted to announce that we will be returning to the NEC in Birmingham from the 24th - 27th of March this year for Insomnia's 63rd iteration. We had so much fun last time that we just couldn't stay away so if you're planning on going too come and say hello and check out Guardians of the Past in the Indie Zone! Last time we debuted The Joust arena for the first time and we have added so much more since then so be sure to come and battle it out with your friends or if you're feeling lucky you take us on! :D

Current Focus

Over the past few weeks, we have been getting the game as smooth looking and running as possible, fixing all the problems we found in our closed alpha, although we haven't managed to nail them all we are happy with the progress we have made. For the next coming weeks leading up to i63 and with Alpha 2.0 Launch being so close, we will be working around the clock to try and fix as many issues as possible pre and post-launch before we arrive in Birmingham in August on the 24th for the big weekend! Hopefully, we have enough time on our hands to throw a couple of secret new features in there for i63 so event exclusivity is definitely.. (possibly.. maybe.... shhh!) on the cards so if you can, get yourself a ticket and come and kick it with the devs! As always we post all updates on our social media so please be sure to keep up to date and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

We also post regularly on our website blog if you'd like to read more about the team and an in-depth look at some of the games features over at

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