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With i62 approaching, here are all the new features we've added for the upcoming event.

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Insomnia 62

If you've been following along on our social media, then you may have seen that we're off to Birmingham in a few weeks to showcase at Insomnia 62. This will be the third convention that we've attended with Guardians Of The Past and most definitely the biggest. So if you're also visiting i62, then come and see us in the Indie Zone.

The lead-Up to i62

We've been very busy since we were at PlayExpo Blackpool 5 weeks ago. We received a lot of great feedback, and now we are trying to cram in more content for i62. So I'm going to go through some of the major additions we've added so far.

The biggest visual change we've made is the updated model of Sir Waysalot.

SirWaysAlot 2 1

Not only has he changed to the low-poly style but we've also changed his overall appearance to include more cloth. We hope this change will help the players see their colours more easily, and of course, we love cloth physics.

KnightSpin 2

Another visual change we made was giving the builder droids a proper model, particles and animations. As they've had a placeholder model and non-existent animations since they were first introduced.


We've also made some visual changes to the arena, such as the landscape. We've also started work on a 2nd arena which we hope to have ready for i62.

LP 8

We've also added in a match options screen, this gives you the ability to add more rounds and make it more of a tournament format with your friends.


We've also reworked the scoreboard system, which now deals with ties much better and forces a tiebreaker for anyone joint 1st.


Stuff to be added

With 10 days left until i62, its a race against time to add in as much content as we can. Below are some initial mock-ups for UI screens that are yet to be fully implemented. As the match options now add the ability to create a tournament format, this is the proposed design to display the overall tournament leaderboard.

LocalLobbySettings 02

Also, as we are now adding more maps, this is the proposed map selection screen.

LocalLobbySettings 04

Thanks for reading, if you want to find out more about Guardians Of The Past then you can read our previous DevLog, which answers that question and many more. <--- DevLog 1 - What is Guardians Of The Past?

You can also follow us on our social media keep more up to date!

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