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Our latest update adds Nightmare Mode to the campaign, as well as a big change for the warhead!

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Hey guys, I'm back from my honeymoon (yep, got married) and have been working away on this newest build update. You can play the game and support development by purchasing Cannon Brawl in Steam's early access. Here's the highlight video for this week:

And here's the full notes:


  • Added a Nightmare Mode difficulty to the campaign which is unlocked once you have completed the normal campaign. Completing each mission rewards you with XP (which will be used for new unlocks in a future update). Completing the entire Nightmare Mode will unlock a new airship pilot - The Uncle! This is our first pass on Nightmare Mode, let us know what you think!
  • Added new airship pilot, the Uncle, every 45s he can ram an enemy building with his ramming spike for 5 dmg. This power only charges inside your own territory and enemy HQs are immune.
    Improved difficulty of Insane AI
  • Building stats are now displayed on the army select screen
  • Added a “Highest Rank Achieved’ section on the multiplayer profile
  • Added a V-Sync option in the settings menu
  • If online game clocks become too far out of sync, the player farthest ahead will pause and wait for his opponent.


  • Drill shots now correctly degrade in terrain damage when blocked by shields
  • Campaign camera turned off for local multiplayer
  • AI no longer targets his own warheads
  • Lasers no longer pass through Accelerators or Build Platforms
  • Fixed another bug realted to missile pathing
  • Fix able to rush territory through the terrain on bottom on Southern Coast map
  • Pressing escape while in chat mode will exit chat mode


  • Tuned the warhead, bank, and laser campaign levels for normal mode
  • Princess’ cooldown bonus increased to 15% from 10%
  • Mountain maker shot will now pass through shields
  • Lasers now break shield rings on the first pulses rather than the last
  • Laser pulses do one less damage than the pulse before, starting at 3/4/5
  • Reduced laser terrain blast radius to 30/32/35 from 32/37/42
  • Decreased drill tower range for lvl 1 and increased it for lvl 3
  • Increased drill tower upgrade costs to 60/80/95 from 60/70/85
  • Warheads in flight now detonate causing terrain and building damage when destroyed
  • Slightly reduced warhead flight speed
  • Changed warhead life to 15/20/25 from 20/25/30
  • Buildings no longer take extra damage while they are constructing
  • Slightly increased Frost Tower level three AOE explosion radius

  • As always, let me know about any bugs and feedback!

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