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New update video, we've added unranked multiplayer, in game chat, redesigned the king and more!

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Here's the new changes in the latest build since we launched on Steam's Early Access. You can play the game and support development by purchasing Cannon Brawl in Steam's early access.

The video is just juicy the highlights, but here's everything else that made it into the new build this week:

  • Added quit button on main menu.
  • Adjusted ELO gain and drop rates (k-factor) to be a bit less for players who have played more games
  • Fixed accelerators and building platforms able to erroneously capture two mines at once on seaside and forest
  • Bank now retargets if you already own the building it’s pointing to.
  • Fixed bug where selling a bank on gold mine would yield 7 extra gold.
  • Drill tower shots now kill demolishers
  • Fixed a couple more de-sync cases
  • Reduced Laser cooldown to 14 from 18
  • Reduced Mountain Maker cost to 50 from 55
  • Decreased Minionette’s frost power cooldown to 25 seconds from 30 seconds
  • Adjusted hitbox on drill tower to be taller
  • Reset cooldown on target building when the bribe is completed

As always, if you have any trouble or any feedback on the game, let me know! Hope you enjoy!

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Love the game ! Keep up the good work ! I'm having more fun on it than on worms ! You guys just created an awesome game there !
Are there any plans to have 4 players on larger maps (free for all or 2vs2 would work better, maybe 2 ships for a castle) ? It would be messy, but it could be really fun and add more crazyness to an already crazy game !

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petey123567 Author
petey123567 - - 45 comments

Thanks! We're going to try out 2v2 internally - hopefully it'll work out, but no promises :)

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