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A new update of the progress we've achieved these past few weeks and our new map footage. We're going to spend the next two weeks in just fixing the major networking bugs.

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Hey peeps,
These past few weeks we’ve been primarily focused on network bug fixing. So, to name a few things; airplanes used to consume a lot of performance and caused FPS spikes probably even overhead which would decrease FPS constantly in a period of time - we’ve got that fixed.

(Test scene just for networking fixes)

Performance Boosts

We’ve now also added inventory prediction so items dragging feels more fluid. Before, it was really clanky and it didn’t allow you to move objects quite that fast in your inventory. Now you can. We’ve also spoken to the bolt creator to get some help with the networking issues, although not much was revealed, but we did get some theories out of the way which allows us to focus on less possible issues that can be causing a lot of our issues.

We’ve also played a bit with the server tick rate to decide if we keep the movement server sided or if we take the chances and make it client sided. It would feel a lot more fluid and "normal" but the chances of seeing some speed hacker is high at least until we got some 3rd party antihacks like VAC or Easy Antihack. Or we’ll find a workaround to our problem, either or, we’re still nailing a lot of it down.

As of right now, we’re basically breaking down the whole project into pieces and trying to figure out what is causing the game to be so unplayable at the moment (movement, combat, inventory, network lag, and massive frame drops). But we’ve been working that out quite extensively and we’ve done quite a lot of breakthroughs these past few weeks; more than we ever have in months. The map is now playable and will be featured in the next playtest, here are some screenshots:






We’ve also gotten a new coder on board so it should be go by more quickly, efficiently, and we should be able to spot all the problems. We also might be having another coder come join the team. We’ll introduce them on the forums so you guys can get a chance to meet them!

In the next 2 weeks, our game is going to feel like an entirely different game. We’ve got a lot lined up for you all and we can’t wait to show you!


looking great guys

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