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Hello! New graphics, better AI, and a small but super important core gameplay change, explanations inside!

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Hi everyone, so here's the deal: we promised to keep improving Cannon Brawl, and here we go again! In this video I've tried dropping some design insights behind the new improvements so you can get an idea of our crazy thought process.

You can play the game and support development by purchasing Cannon Brawl in Steam's early access.

Now for some wonderfully narrated (by your truly so the "wonderful narration" judgement is in no way biased) video footage of the goodness:

The full build notes:


  • New look for Nightmare mode, say hello to new much more Nightmare-ish theme for the levels and map.
  • Insane AI can now better shoot down warheads with lasers

  • Insane AI is better about protecting his HQ when damaged
  • Insane AI can now better shoot enemy demolishers
  • New music for the Rescue themed missions in the campaign
  • Added a ‘bonus pool’ for ranked match making. Each day you 1 point is generated into your bonus pool. You can redeem bonus points by playing ranked matches which allows you to climb the leaderboards if you are an active player (we'll be tuning/tweaking) this in the coming months.
  • Leaderboard now displays ‘Rating Point’ scores rather than ELOs. A rating point score is your ELO + redeemed bonus points.
  • Matchmaking now tries to match you with players inside a small ELO range which grows larger the longer you go without a match.


  • Fixed bug in which music/sfx volume settings could be reset
  • Bribed buildings will no longer keep their enemy cooldown bonuses


  • Increased warhead costs to 55/35/25 from 50/30/25 - warheads were too easily spammable
  • Increased maximum gold from 300 to 350 - this allows less skilled players to better make a comeback since less skilled players take longer to spend their money and they'll now hit the gold cap a litter later
  • Diamond mines now yield 1.5x the value of a gold mine instead of 2.0x - this makes diamonds less of a game deciding factor, whereas before once you took the diamonds, it was basically game over for the other guy.
  • Placing a bank on a diamond mine upgrades it a second time for free
  • Decreased cooldown on uncle’s ram to 40s from 45s - uncle's airship feels underpowered, he'll probably get another buff in the next update too.
  • Increased laser cooldown to 14 from 12
  • Decreased difficulty slightly of final boss
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