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Recap of our recent dev stream, where we went over the IoE combat system. We consider it Diablo-like, which is fast-paced with hordes of monsters and a variety of spells and weapons, but with a 3rd-person camera and a destructible open world.

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Hi all! We've recently completed our 4th dev stream on Steam where we showcased the status of combat and the game in general.

Developer Stream #4 -- Combat System

The combat system of IoE is Diablo-like with a 3rd-person camera and a fully destructible open world. Here's what a dwarf encountered in search of a crystal shard.

Since the last update, right after our 3rd dev stream, we've been quite busy bug fixing and updating the game based on valuable feedback from our community:

  • Fleshed out the tutorial to better guide 1st time players
  • Updated Spells and Skills UI , as well as the spell re-spec'ing system
  • Updated the content in the world to have more monsters and harvesting material consistent with the local environment
  • Added more spells acquirable from monsters and adventures
  • Added points of interest to help guide players around the world
  • Added towns near every Elemental Island
  • Weapons are now elementally attuned

Tutorial -- Elementally attuned Environmental Interactions

We overhauled the tutorial to better explain some of the key and unique aspects of the game, including spell acquisition, spell weaving, and, in the video below, elementally attuned environmental interactions.

Elementally Attuned Weapons

Weapons of a certain element deal additional damage of that element. Remember, monsters are immune to damage of their own elemental type.

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