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In the 3rd dev stream, we introduced the different airships acquirable in game and what airship combat looks like in IoE.

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Last weekend we did our 3rd developer stream on Steam where we went over everything you need to know about Airships. Here's a brief recap.

There are different types of airships in IoE. The basic one is used mainly for transportation. More advanced ones have attacking capabilities. Some look like a tower, and some more like a moving floating island with your own house on it. You can buy them at different docks in the main town of Crystal Island, located in the center of the world map. You can also take over an enemy airship by defeating the crew and captain.

The Basic Airship

Airships can take damage when you run into things or are under attack. Health does not regen by itself. Damage can be repaired using repair kits. Gaining altitude cost energy, which does regenerate over time. The basic airship has no cannons.

Airship Cannon Battle

When you get into a cannon war with a pirate airship, taking out their turrets first is probably a good strategy.

Airship Take-over

Here's gameplay footage of a fairy sneaking onto an enemy airship and taking on the crew that works as a team to defend the pirate ship.

We are working on improving water physics in IoE. Hopefully, we'll have something to show you soon.

Have a great 4th of July weekend to all that celebrate!

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