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Our game changes for September 1st, 2016 are as followed.

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It’s been a slow going week as far as development has gone, and we’re still heavy set into working on our UI. We have a few more things that need some polish and TLC before we can shift our attention onto the core content of the game. This week we focused our attention on ironing out our Guild & Party systems.

We’ll be looking for alpha testers later this month. So keep your eyes peeled on our development cycle if you’re interested in helping with development.

Changes this week:

  • Added a guild button to the bottom nav bar
  • Implemented the backend handler for Guilds
  • Implemented the front-end UI for the Guild tab
  • Added player shops.
  • Added and polished the player shop UI.
  • Added an NPC known as the Guild Manager. He sells certificates to found a Guild, as well as open your own player stall. Stalls have three levels of luxury, each one affording more item slots than the last.
  • Added UI prompts to replace the default BYOND alerts
  • Added Party functionality
  • Added all elements of the Party UI
  • Added Party Finder. Players may find a party to join from anywhere in the world so long as it has been made public.
  • Added Party Finder UI

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