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Our game changes for August 24th, 2016 are as followed.

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So I’m doing this development log a day early, because I’m excited to share what we’ve been up to this past week. It’s been an incredibly busy one, and we’ve pushed out a lot of content, most notably being our complete revamp of our UI. We’re getting closer and closer to our demo preview. If you’d like to participate, the server will be accessible in the coming weeks to our loyal subscribers. You can find all payment information available on our hub. Every cent spent goes towards helping us through development.

Changes as of 08/24/2016

  • Added a tutorial after character creation
  • Added character dialogue
  • Added a text writer for intro sequences.
  • Added event handlers for more precise battle control
  • Added several new maps, including the Royal Castle, the Sewers and the Prisons
  • Added shopkeepers and shop functionality
  • First pass of balancing changes on skills and monsters
  • Sharpened up tactical placement calculations and battle anims
  • Added level up anims
  • Sharpened up movement, including the addition of pixel movement
  • Completely overhauled UI, including addition of variable resolutions
  • Changed how HP/XP bars are drawn on the users screen
  • Overhauled the chat including how it is drawn on the players screen
  • Added the ability to right click your character to attack, instead of using the Attack! ability
  • Added bottom UI nav bar
  • Added Guild functionality
  • Added Quests
  • Added a Quest Tracker including arrows to point you in the right direction
  • Added Quest Journal and the associative UI elements
  • Completely overhauled all ability panels. Gone now are the placeholder Pokemon plates
  • Centered the players view when placed into combat
  • Overhauled the skillbook and how skills are added/removed from the skill bar
  • Changed how uneven terrain is generated to be less tasking on the engine
  • Added a day and night cycle, including variable lighting around the map
  • Added dungeon lighting
  • Added Lv. 30 – 45 Scheletton graveyard in Snowvale
  • Overhauled the top character bar to be much more user friendly
  • Shifted around starting battle animations to be more reactive and fun

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