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ET:Legacy is granting first insights on the development of the graphics update.

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"First Insight"

The graphics shown in the following promotional shots are currently in beta stage and will improve over time.

North Africa, 1942

The Axis empire is at its height. While the Soviets battle the Axis in the East the remaining Allied forces damage and distract the Axis in the West until an amphibious liberation of Europe can be mounted. The Axis forces are keen to inflict further defeats and seize control of the oil-rich Middle East.

Siwa Oasis

Seawall Battery


Central Europe, 1943

The Axis High Command has ordered a strategic withdrawal from the 'remote and ultimately insignificant' North African theatre and their forces are busy fortifying the Atlantic coastline in expectation of Allied raids and an eventual invasion.

W├╝rzburg Radar




Glad to see some life back in the Good Ol' ET. Besides this can we expect ET:L to have it's own bot support or will we have to stick with Omni?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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KeMoN Author

For now ET:Legacy is supporting Omnibot. We will have to see if we can free some time for developing own bot-support somewhen down the road.

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Looking good.

Will the graphic updates also include normal/bump/specular map and real-time lights support at some time?

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KeMoN Author

Development on normal_, diffuse_ and specular_mapping will start in the near future. The first step in the whole process was just to have the basic textures ready and we decided it was about time to show some insights on the internal development.

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