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In this issue of our Dev Log, we went over some new maps and our new sound system.

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0. Last Stand - Strong Wind Warning

Fight inside a wind tunnel.

When the wind starts blowing at its full force, animals not hiding behind wind barriers will be blown away and eliminated. Players need to manually raise the barriers and hide behind them.

Note: the handles for the wind barrier may break as they get used many times.

1. Team Score -Electroball

This is a completely different type of scoring map from the previously shown Lollipop Factory or the Train: it is a ball game.

The goal of all ball games is to get the ball into your opponent's gate. The first team to reach 6 points wins.

Electroball is a bit like basketball for humans: aim, shoot.

Note: do not hold the ball simultaneously with another player. The ball will explode.

2. Arcade - Winter Bar

Players are split into two teams. You need to throw your opponents out of the bar into the snowy outside to eliminate them.

The difference between Arcade and Last Stand is that you keep respawning back in Arcade mode, until all your team's respawn opportunities run out.

This is pretty much a standard Death Match map.

Sound System

Most games' sound effects are based on the sound triggering mechanism of the event state machine. If a button is pressed, an animation will be triggered and a sound will be played.

Party Animals is different. We use full dynamics-driven animations instead of traditional state machines, which results in smooth, immersive character animations. However, the uncertainty and uncontrollability of the movements made the audio team no longer able to solve the audio problem in the traditional way.

We developed a new physical sound system.

This audio system can simulate the different sounds of dragging, scrolling, and collision. And the sound is affected by all physical factors such as size, weight, material, speed, and the speed of time passing.


Q:Why is the default 4 teams with 2 players per team instead of the default 8 teams with 1 player per team as before?

A:Because a game with 1 player per team can theoretically take up to 17 rounds. Even at 3 minutes per round, it can take up to 50 minutes of game time. 8 teams has a median time of more than 20 minutes. The reason for changing the default to 4 teams is that we want to have shorter games, with a median of around 10 minutes and a uppper limit of 30 minutes or less.

Q:What will you do about cheaters?

A:Our developers are considering adding an anti-cheat programs, but all anti-cheat will negatively influence game performance. We have added the a report button and we will have a support team to deal with cheaters.

Q:Can I play solo against AIs?

A:Yes. Just create your own lobby and add AIs.

Q:Will the game support Steam Deck?


Q:I don't think split screen is a good choice because it provides a narrower view.

A:It's a compromise made to accommodate larger maps. Also, without split screen, all local players will not be able to rotate the camera independently. This is a status quo in game development: we have to make compromises. We will try to improve the split-screen experience in the future.

Q:Personal opinion, could the UI maybe be designed a little cuter?

A:I have informed our designer about this. This particular designer has been doing UI for mobile OS before, that mobile company has since went bankrupt...... It's like a failed Thor fighter jet designer, unemployed and came back to design plush toys, it takes some time, hope you can understand :)

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