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About the progress of the mod's development.

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Darkfire alpha

Hello everyone!

The demo had a rough start, but it's fine now! There were some issues with custom models- when making the package, I had to hand-pick them, which led to a couple of omissions. This problem won't occur with the final product, since I'll be able to just dump all the custom models.

Also, I made a short trailer which showcases a bit of the first hub area - the town of Eldritch Cove. Take a look:

That being said, things are going well. I already have a bunch of levels finished. Most of them are short "passage" levels with simple puzzles, but one semi-advanced level is done and I am currently working on the first big and complicated level - the Apartment building. It's about 40% done, but I can't show anything yet to avoid spoilers.

However, what I can show is one of the passage levels. I made some rad reflection effects for it, I'm really glad how it turned out:

Amnesia 2018 10 17 17 14 54 86

The demo level has received a major facelift, check it out as well:

Amnesia 2018 09 26 20 57 54 64

To summarize, the development is going slowly, but steadily - I need to make some major decisions about the outline of the story before I can continue with the development. However, I'm still working on the big level, so there's quite some time to think.

The mod is still a long way down the line, so you can go and play my recent Custom Story in the meantime:

Thanks for reading,

candlejack131 - - 12 comments

Lookin forward to this one mate! Im sure itll surprise my room mates even to they were really enjoying what I already showed em.

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Darkfires Author
Darkfires - - 279 comments


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Guest - - 687,512 comments

sabés si está buena? Cuánto dura más o menos y si hay buenos screamers, etc?

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kevinplay890 - - 2 comments

do you know if it's good? How long is more or less and if there are good screamers, etc?

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