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I am working on a few fixes and changes that will become version 3.1. I discuss the changes below.

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I may release a save-game compatible patch before releasing v. 3.1. The patch would include all of the following items except items 4 (Uzgha village not having village elder) and 5-7.

1. Prison scene bugs for Starfall Castle and Jamiche Castle.

2. Siege scene problem for Curaw.

3. The native kite shields that some players have found to be too shiny.

4. Uzgha village not having a village elder.

5. Switched Vaegir elite from a mounted archer to heavy cavalry.

6. Added an elite infantry troop to Gerioan troops (they now have elite cavalry and elite infantry).

7. Switched the Sarranid mounted skirmisher into a mounted archer.

8. Slightly modified the Khergiz party templates to make them a little less powerful since they are cavalry heavy.

If I release the patch (call it patch #2), it will be save-game compatible and Uzgha still won't have a village elder. This will only be a problem if you need to speak to the elder in Uzgha, otherwise, it won't affect gameplay.

Version 3.1 will include all the fixes and a few more modifications and additions to the code, including an invasion option. I will post other aspects in the next development diary.

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