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Quick article regarding the next big update and release of a small patch to fix / balance a few things further.

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Patch 1.01b will be released later this weekend and just needs to be put in the game folder for it to take effect, it simply replaces the old files with the new ones.

I've been made aware that when the YR Client asks to update (and if you proceed), it effectively disables the mod - 1.01b is a fix but I will look into getting mod client updates in the future.

To keep things from cluttering articles, I'll be moving changelogs to a hosted website in the near future. A .txt file also comes with each release detailing what has been changed.

This version adds and fixes some art and has several balance changes:

  1. New missile art and missile smoke system has been added
  2. Added the correct sidebar image for America's Shatterer
  3. Updated snow frames and animation frames for Airfields
  4. Many units have been further optimized into their role, siege units will deal less damage to vehicles and infantry will deal more damage to other infantry. Anti vehicle weapons deal less damage to structures

Rise of the East v1.01b FULL

1.01 to 1.01b PATCH ONLY
Rise of the East - Patch 1.01b

Dev Diary #1

I'm playing around with special crate units such as the Nuke Cannon below; I'm yet to decide on stolen tech units so for the time being, special crate units will be added to the game. Due to the rarity of crates and actually getting these units, they will be very powerful.

I may change things in the future and tweak them down to have as normal units. I'm in between continuing with the big country differences or just generalizing the countries and adding some special units to each, as it was in the original game.

Below you can view the fixed airfield animations + snow & damage frames. The Soviet one is also ready, it's a modified version of Nooze's Soviet Airfield (to match the size of the other ones).

The new artillery shell and smoke system can also be seen in the same video, the next video shows superweapon indicators which will be available in the next update. These are only visible to yourself and allies.

Only damaging support and super weapons will have indicators, instant and defensive powers such as Emergency Repair and Paradrops will not.


I'm thinking of adding at least 1 or 2 more Chrono based units to the Allies. Despite making Chrono Legionnaires stronger and significantly cheaper no one uses them. I'll try to make Chrono weapons a bit more useful.


The traits that all heavy vehicles will share is that they hit hard and are very slow.. The Soviets will finally get their own Spy, Libya will have the Saboteur instead.

Russia will have more powerful Tesla based weapons and some exclusive Tesla based technology as well.
My original plan for Russia was to give their Tesla weapons EMP, but East Asia already took that support role, so I will need to look for another way to improve on Russia's Tesla tech.

Libya will be a heavily improved version from its RA2 counterpart but with heavy focus on fanatic terrorism. Cuba's Terrorist will be exclusive to Libya and they will have an improved Demo Truck which can deploy to explode on demand. Unlike Russia, Libya favours ground based hit and runs and will most likely not have access to the Airfield, unless players like the idea of Kamikaze planes?


My idea for Yuri is simple, separate Psionics/Magnet from Poison/Stealth. One sub-faction will have access to psionics and psychic weapons early and no access to poison/stealth at all while the other will be the opposite, with the exception of having Yuri Clones available at Tier 3.

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good work

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