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A few words about the professions of our team members and the importance of a good selection of followers.

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Welcome, travelers of the Uram continent!

I have gathered you here today to tell you about your upcoming duties and the companions with whom you will undertake them. The times are hard, and the quest is challenging, so you must be extremely cautious when selecting who you will befriend.

In Zoria, ten different specializations of warriors may join our team. You, as a commander, will be out of this category, serving more as a support but in a unique way. Two characters will represent each class with their own story, motivations, and wits.

Your followers are critical to the success of your mission. Whether recruited through the Inn or from various quests, your companions represent your most significant investment and resource since your adventure is squad-based, and only good use of the squad system can ensure success.

For most of the exploration, you will control the main character in real time, with the squad following every step you take. However, during the combat, every character will be ready to carry out your order.

Let's have a closer look at some of the classes in Zoria.

In addition to the above, the game will also include the following:

    • Ranger
    • Thief
    • Wizard
    • Priest
    • Bard
    • Nightwarden

Team composure

As you've probably already guessed, only a good combination of your companions' classes can bring success on the battlefield. A team of rangers alone would be spectacular and look great on defensive walls, while their effectiveness would be very low in a close encounter.

There is another reason why you should be especially careful in choosing teammates. In the world of Zoria, there are objects that only a character with the right abilities can interact with. Hence, Battle Clerics can interact with Shrines of Nerdalye to replenish the party's health, and Wizard can create magical bridges over which the whole team can safely cross to the other side.


Concluding my story, I hope it has made you look forward to Zoria even more. The year 2023 is very close, and in a few months, you will see the result of our dream to create a full-blooded RPG. In the meantime, we wish you a peaceful holiday and a happy new year!

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