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Building levels and crafting the lore around ManneKin has been a fun task so far. So we're releasing new screenshots from the alpha build of ManneKin to show you how we're progressing.

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Greetings adventurers!

We're back with another Dev Diary so I can show you the progress made so far in ManneKin with more of a look at the lore within Hessler Storage and ManneKin.

Hessler Storage, at the least the facility you explore as Professor Tobias Shaw, is situated in London's Fleet Street. Having fallen into disrepair after Mr. Hessler passed away, the property was bought by a developer with a look to use it once again as a storage facility, keeping the name Hessler Storage.

Hessler Storage renovation in ManneKin

You're given instructions on where the key is to gain entry through the newly installed glass door partition. This is where your story begins.

Key to the front door of Hessler Storage

Upon entering Hessler Storage things begin innocently with Professor Tobias Shaw arriving to study the damaged symbol on a stone in the wall. Letters left to help guide the Professor and other contractors that work on the site are found in various places. Some give useful information for key locations, hints, or warnings.

Letter and lore building in ManneKin

Uncovering the secrets and the lore of Hessler Storage won't be necessary for escaping the facility. Not every piece of information is needed. There's going to be a tonne of optional lore to be found to better your understanding of what exactly the facility was used for. But what you will find is that the contractors hired to renovate Hessler Storage are pranksters...

Mannequin in ManneKin

The crew renovating Hessler Storage have been having fun with the mannequins that seem to be appearing, assuming it was other members of the crew moving them around in the dark, drawing faces on them, and posing them.

But not all is what it seems inside the building.

The lore behind Hessler Storage will be revealed through a series of recordings, whether it's via cassette, VHS, or letters left behind by the current contractors or staff that had worked there previous to its closure.

While I don't want to give too much away, the things you find will explain a lot about what you see in the depths of Hessler Storage, the mannequins, the facility and its layout, and what happened to Mr. Hessler himself.

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