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Developer diary for the roadmap to be followed for the mod, including milestones. What's in store for the future.

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Hello again!

Victopia is an extremely ambitious, all-encompassing, alt-history, near-future mod for a complex grand strategy game. It will take several months, if not several years, for a Beta release that will include all the necessary features in a stable package.

Ultimately, the mod is planned to include countries across all continents, modern (and dynamic) economy, supranational and transnational events and organizations, and technological advancements up until the year 2100. Once that is done, the mod enters the Beta with its core content complete, with limited overall change from there other than rebalancement, new events, more loc, cooler graphics, etc. from then on.

In the really long term, I do want to see the mod grow until 2200, at which point any reasonable Vicky mechanic would break down due to the engine being pushed to its absolute limits (and you'd probably be better off playing Stellaris), making it a great hard limit for the mod.

I do expect to reach major milestones every few months, ideally getting a feature-complete version of the mod by 2022 or 2023, hopefully before Victoria III comes out. It will be quality over quantity, and thus, some regions will be playable before others. I'd rather have a fun, engaging American continent before plenty of unfinished, unpolished nations all over the world.

Here's the tentative roadmap for the future of the mod.

Pre-Alpha - Versions 0.01 - 0.09

  • Work on North America exclusively
  • Core stability, tech, loc, politics, pops.
  • Make sure it doesn't crash when you declare wars.
  • Early event chains and national intros.

Alpha - Version 0.10

  • North American nations finished.
  • All techs developed.
  • Localization and introduction events developed.
  • Hopefully very few crashes by this point.

Version 0.20

  • Latin American nations finished.
  • All inventions developed.
  • Basic political events developed.

Version 0.30

  • Western European nations finished.
  • Economic system, resources, and industries fully developed.

Version 0.40

  • East European nations finished.
  • Supranational unions (for the respective nations) for the respective regions.

Version 0.50

  • Middle Eastern nations finished.
  • Supranational organizations (e.g. the UN), and shadow groups (e.g. the Club of Rome) for the respective regions.

Version 0.60

  • Sub-Saharan African nations finished.
  • Continental unions for the respective regions.

Version 0.70

  • South Asian nations finished.
  • Global unions and events finished.

Version 0.80

  • East Asian nations finished.
  • News for all relevant events.

Version 0.90

  • Pacific nations finished.

Beta - Version 1.00

  • All countries present.
  • All content in place until year 2100.
  • Game is stable enough to run until 2100 with minimal issues.

Version 2.00

  • Content until year 2200
    • New techs, inventions, countries, events, for the next 100 years.
    • Dilation of the timeline and rebalancement (e.g. exotic weapons getting researched in the 22nd Century).

Thank you!

Oh, and if you have comments, reviews, or criticisms of the mod, do let me know in the comments or the subreddit, /r/Victopia!

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