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Today we're looking at the Event Systems and the antagonists in ManneKin.

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Progress with ManneKin is currently exceeding expectations and we're moving toward getting out a demo! So let's go over some more progress.

Event Systems in ManneKin are the same as with most games, using Overlap Triggers and Look At Triggers we can activate sequences of events. We've set up triggers along the first lower floor to give the player a better idea of what they're getting themselves into.

ManneKin new image

While little has been revealed of the lore of Hessler Storage and its contents, we'll be edging our way toward it and why things have take the turn for the worse at the abandoned site.

We've also set pointers to guide the player through the first area and get to where they need to go to start the sequence of events. The first level can be a bit of a maze with the darkness so we thought this best.

ManneKin Arrow indicator

As for our antagonists, the mannequins, we've begun with some light texturing and we'll continue sculpting more variations as not all of them will be animated. Some of them are there to unnerve the player.

ManneKin Mannequin

Lighting has been a key feature of level design. Making the player afraid of what could be moving in the dark is a powerful tool and one that we plan to keep using. We're giving the players their own tools to make their way through the darkness. So far they include a lighter, a flashlight, and candles.

Physics systems have started to be implemented for the purpose of puzzles and the movement of lights. Giving life to areas and rooms.

ManneKin Mannequin under a light

Stay tuned for more updates!

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