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With the trailer preparations and raw footage shoots done, we can finally resume our scheduled transmissions. Let’s take things up a notch, as we reveal one of Nuclear Dawn’s most treacherous maps.

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Deep in the lush woodlands of western Russia, lies a dam. The dam overlooks an industrial complex that gained its place in history long before the Nuclear Dawn or nanotech golden age. These steel mills have always been awe-inspiring works of large scale human engineering, and their abandonment following the nanotech revolution, which rendered them obsolete, gave the Russian military all the freedom they needed to develop a monstrous war machine manufacturing complex under the dormant factories of the past.

Imperial troops, unaware of the value of the location, maintain but a light presence in the area, keeping small patrols and green commanding officers around the wet, rusty hell. They will clash with the Consortium commandos sent to take control of the industrial complex, and gain access to the giant war machine factory underground.

The Consortium start the map on the outskirts of the main industrial complex, located near the hydro power plant, while the Empire are located at the other end of the main power plant, by the high tension pylon lines that once powered this part of Russia.

Vyksa's dam area plays as a mix of urban and vehicular combat, with plenty of tight, enclosed spaces for ground troops, an abandoned airstrip and its ancillary buildings for metal on metal high speed action, and several choke points for commanders to exploit and conquer.

The low rise buildings give Stealth troops many a chance to hide and duck and weave amongst the cooling installations and piping that block view from the ground, and the many tight corners and overgrown passages in between the ruined production facilities can serve as lethal ambush points.

Combine the varied layout with a medium map size, and Vyksa is guaranteed to soon become a tense, tightly packed combat experience that no green recruit will survive.

Soon, the sound of rain will no longer be associated with quiet and relaxation, but rather with the devastation of ironworks, and the quiet before the once peaceful woodlands come alive once again… with the fury of war.

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Looks Good, not sure i really would buy this as i'm kinda getting bored with shooters now but good luck to you :D.

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Spooboy - - 2,028 comments

Epic level design. I'm still eagerly looking forward to this.

Oh and Kamikazi, I understand your frustration with shooters. There really hasn't been a good FPS sense...well, TF2. And it would be boring playing that all the time, I can't stand that game for more than a couple hours (because I've played it so much).

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Demascus - - 53 comments

i'm starting to get way too lol

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Kasplatt - - 412 comments

Legs look wildly out of proportion

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
willy-wilson - - 50 comments

Yes i agree with kasplatt, i saw that picture and the first thing that came to mind was "whoa super thighs"

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NullSoldier - - 973 comments

Wewt, I thought this died! So glad to see news on it!

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Blandr3ws - - 84 comments

does look good but looks like the character design has deviated a fair bit from the old mod concepts - it's fair enough it's a new team etc - however it's those kind of things that make/made it Nuclear Dawn as a recognisable/distinct brand/icon/franchise.
I just think they look too much like every other soldier in every other slightly futuristic/modern fps.

I still think the game as a whole looks great and look forward to the trailer :)

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smurfbizkit - - 526 comments

If you're going to remove everything that made the original ND look awesome...what was the point in buying it? This looks much more like Frontlines:Fuel of War than ND now.

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xxstalker24xx - - 13 comments

i agree with all the comments about what made ND what it was, and now with the changes it seems generic.

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Demascus - - 53 comments

so this game isn't good anymore because the looks are different?

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JohnJames - - 3 comments

the style looks pretty much the same from the screens we've seen... levels n weapons almost exactly. players changed quite a bit but I remember seeing some awfully.. revealing.. images of the old ones. they look good enough as they are, plus im also pretty sure a news post mentioned the reason for the player redesign was sommit to do with the mod team asking not to use them?

what am I missing, what made it what it was that's gone? other thing is there was that whole thing with screens being faked... was that just the mod or these guys too? I guess we can't compare :p but check this out..

not.. so.. good.

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Door - - 20 comments

Props to the modellers and texture artists, both the models and textures look fantastic in that map.

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General_Hoohah - - 205 comments

Another mod where Team A fights Team B..... how original.


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