2nd Year Games programmer at Teesside uni, on course for a 1st and looking for a placement year.
Loved modding for source but couldn't find the time to carry on after summer hols :(

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I've dipped in and out of modding with source, having a go and giving up periodically over the years since hl2 came out. However... this year, I finished my 1st year of a games programming degree so progress on my latest attempt has been a bit more successful.
To briefly describe my mod:<!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE </xml><xml> </xml> "It will bring the gameplay style from the street-war levels of the HL2...then up it."

Basically, that's the atmosphere... but feature wise - well lets just say inspiration is mainly comming from Army of Two, GOW, L4D, DOD:S, COD4 - Ok lets try and explain the variety:

In the hl2 street levels you were always pushind the combine back - trying to recapture the city so we need territorial game modes (DOD) and the appropriate defensive weaponry like Deployable MGs, snipers, riot shields, molotovs and maybe even manhacks. You were always being given ammo and health so resource sharing is a must.
Remember the medic looking over that wounded guy under the overpass? well i want further the experience so thats where a wounded/downed system comes in like L4D/GOW/Army of Two
Hmm... and there's always been something missing from close quaters - melee! fighting the other guy to the ground (temporary KO) then beating him to the death with your rifle butt
Hang on what about COD4? since playing that i decided that vaulting/climbing, leaning and other realistic movement is essential, yeah if ur a source ninja u can do a flying crouch jump over a ledge or through a window if you still wish - but what if its taller than a crouch jump, like a wheelie bin?

And I'm still in debate about sighting your gun.

Cool, 1st moddb blog post done :)
Might stick the concept doc up, n a few vids of features i've already implemented :)

SteveUK - - 114 comments

I rewrote all of your vault code.

Instead of being able to vault anywhere, I made it so you had to place a func_vaulthint entity which would guide the height of vaults, since tracelines/hulls aren't always reliable method and it also stops being able to vault out of the map.

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Nicklan - - 193 comments

Blandr3ws are you ever going to release final stand's source code for other users???

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Blandr3ws Creator
Blandr3ws - - 84 comments

Maybe, I generally explain how you go about a feature if anyone asks, but don't hand out code unless it's a decent code swap - like with MindBlaster on bullet penetration he shared his code for a better trace system and so we had a little pm convo and I neatend up/optimised the code a bit and showed him how i'd used density and how i did my damage reduction calculations.

If the mod dies before completion.. say i get an awesome job at a top developer and have no time for it (tho i really hope to release before then haha! - i still got 3 more years at uni) or once it's released and the mods popularity has died considerably.
The code will get released eventually, just not while i'm competing with the mods that would use it.

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Blandr3ws Creator
Blandr3ws - - 84 comments

Cool, i'll keep it in mind :)

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Potteh - - 326 comments

If you need a GUI/Graphics Designer for your mod, lemme know mate :)

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