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I am moving right along and have some more updates for everyone...

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Busy Week...

So it's been about a week since our last update, but already I have made some major improvements - here's what I was up to last week...

  • Added another faction
  • Added Tavern animations pack by Slawomir of Aaarrghh
  • Tweaked the code a bit to allow for "happy hours" and busier taverns at certain times of day.
  • Added a new script that allows you to send spy's into enemy towns and castles, these spy's retrieve valuable information, or you can send them ahead of your siege party and they can try to open the town gates for you.
  • Added a new script that lets you send assassins to kill enemy lords.
  • created new spy and assassin troops.
  • Added hirable staff for your personal lair from VC.
  • Started adding random events, only making them more dynamic so now your choices can have long term consequences on the game.
  • Added new town riot script.
  • Added new peasant revolt script, with the chance of them overthrowing the government!
  • Added new civil war script.
  • Added kingdom moral script that runs for all factions, now if discontent raises too high it can trigger a peasant revolt, a riot, or a civil war. There are many things that effect kingdom moral from religion, random events, tax rates, government policies, and even lord/ruler personalities.
  • Added new dialog options, you can now hire travelers to spread rumors against your enemies.
  • Added population to towns and villages, and prosperity has a direct effect on population, as well as recruiting.
  • Speaking of recruiting, I've added a new feature that lets you recruit better troops from towns, as long as you get the lords permission to recruit there. (however I kept natives no permission needed to recruit from villages).

Summing Up

Well I guess that's it for now. Still have some major features to work on, more factions to finish and then I can start polishing and adding story-lines and quests...and then...maybe...just maybe, we can start talking seriously about possible release dates! :)

As always ideas and suggestions are always welcome and I will try to implement them the best I can while keeping to my vision and lore.

Until next time...

Lady Ashwood.


I really love these features and look forward to it all.

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Yes these features are quite amazing compared to pretty much all other warband mods ive seen.

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