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The demo of Total War : 1942 has been released! Play this demo singleplayer or multiplayer using Evolve, to test out everything before the first patch will be released. Never has Rome: Total War seen this Second World War modifications with brand new animations, tanks, ships, new unit models and sounds!

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Download VERSION 2:

This demo features the following:

- Different units in the main known armies during WW2...
- 2 Historical Sea battles which can be played multiplayer (using Evolve)
- Custom battle locations to test everything!
- Watchable campaign map, but not playable yet

Playing together on Evolve doesn't seems to work, so you can use GameRanger for this. Use the executable in the version 2 demo, inside the '1942' folder. Select this file in gameranger to play the mod multiplayer!

Here are some noticable videos showing this massive rework, which has never entered Rome Total War before..

Intro and menu:

Waffen SS:

German Scouts:


naelfox - - 5 comments


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LordDz - - 225 comments

Will the damage and accuracy be increased, right now it feels like the German snipers couldn't hit the broadside of a barn.

Also I hope you balance it well and don't make it into a SS wet dream with tigers everywhere. :)

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Lord_Baal Online
Lord_Baal - - 462 comments

And did you made naval battles into the game?

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Dagovax Author
Dagovax - - 307 comments

2 historical battles! Watch it yourself :D

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Sasuna_Tenachi - - 88 comments

looks very interesting, id love to try it out! but ill be honest, im not installing evolve to play this. If you can make the mod release on steam would be great.. as I don't trust any third party program... let alone evolve.

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MariusTheCimmerian - - 10 comments

OMg its great, please finish this beauty.

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kazokas - - 75 comments

good work

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