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Announcing Regulator City, the upcoming public (free) DEMO and the latest devlog on the development of the game. Get ready to protect your city!

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Steam Next Fest Demo

It's coming! A publicly playable demo, as part of the Steam Next Fest, and even tho the game still has a long way to go I do think the core mechanics are there and a starting amount of content is there to experience (and hopefully see) the potential of the game. So few more weeks!

If this is your first time reading about the game, I do weekly devlogs over on Youtube talking and showing the various changes to the game and also the decision making that goes into game-design. Right now we are a few versions further since the last update, and that also means a lot has been done! The latest devlog talks about some cool new "mini tasks" added to the game, which really enhance the game:

This weeks changes-list

I skipped a few weeks of updating the list publicly, so the list is fairly long this time just to have a complete overview for reference - I am skipping the various (minor) bug fixes (would triple the size of the list!)

  • added: if all player-controlled characters die - end mission (Failure)
  • tweak: moved skill-set AI to triggersystem (can now handle multiple at once)
  • added: buffs and debuffs to building-placement
  • added: effects of buffs and debuffs to game code
  • added: game starts with placing HQ
  • added: nightvision lights when power is cut off
  • added: city-view cars can drive over pedestrians
  • added: city-view pedestrians can start shooting at each other (based on how violent the city has become)
  • added: countdown numbers to grenades
  • added: countdown to C4
  • added: if player enters tiny room with 1 door, AI should not follow (unless player inFight mode)
  • added: Enemy groups running in when "interacting" with items
  • added: health-bars above character when restoring HP/resting
  • added: showing mission-progress in HUD
  • added: Music loop when turning on music (record player)
  • added: tiny effects to the city-view (construction debris, smoke, etc)
  • added: setting to "Show AI marker"
  • added: draw generic "scorched" debris things from metal+wood that can be used when ANY furniture explodes
  • added: wall-mounted explosive items
  • added: mission to "destroy building"
  • added: mission-countdown (get to exit before it's done
  • added: first "task" dialog (explosive placement)
  • added: "push button" task (opens electronic doors)
  • added: "data transfer" task
  • added: "Safe cracking" task
  • added: movement-bomb gadgets
  • added: "Detonator" task
  • added: when regrouped, and player holds.. move out from the group (if no danger)
  • tweak: improved various settings/interface navigational thingies
  • tweak: improved and changed the way interaction triggers work
  • tweak: added bounce to activated cars
  • tweak: city-overview interface improvements
  • fixed: city-view now properly sorts stuff on screen
  • tweak: AI more active moving into rooms when opening a door
  • tweak: swapped "options" and "settings" naming
  • tweak: small changes to enhance visiblity of player sprites
  • tweak: replaced static menu-background with city-view

regcity screenshot08

One of the tasks/mini-games in the game: disable these motion-activated bombs or become fragmeat!

regcity screenshot09

Another task, fairly simple, but they break up the gameplay a bit and provide a nice emerging addition to the game.

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