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A year-end update on the status of the mod/the upcoming release.

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Hello all,

I know it has been ages since I've done a developer blog, but seeing as we are approaching the end of the year let me release this official update to get everyone on the same page as to where the mod is and where we are going.

First of all, let's talk about the Ayyubid faction.

Faction development: 90% Complete

Development specifics:
-21 units have been completed for the roster, encompassing over 23 new models and 32 textures.
-Generic General and Captain battle models and strat models completed.
-Stratmap UI completed.
-Custom portraits for generals, captains and rogues completed.
-Siege crew models updated using the Ahdath militia model.
-Unit help text and sound implemented.


Ayyubid Generic General and Captain stratmap models

pic3 1

Ayyubid Custom General Portraits

Here's the completed unit roster so far:

-Ahdath Spearmen
-Ahdath Macemen
-Ahdath Archers
-Thaqlah Spearmen
-Thaqlah Swordsmen
-Thaqlah Axemen
-Al-Halqa Cavalry
-Dismounted Al-Halqa Troopers
-Turkmen Auxiliaries
-Turkic Crossbowmen
-Syrian Infantry
-Syrian Cavalry
-Bedouin Camelry
-Bedouin Archers
-Naffatun (only available in Cairo)
-Dismounted Junior Mamluk
-Junior Mamluks
-Dismounted Royal Mamluks
-Royal Mamluks
-Khassaki Tabardariyya (only available in Cairo)
-Khassaki (only available in Cairo)


Ayyubid Units in Quick Battle

Bedouin Camelry info

Bedouin Camelry

DA Naffatun info


Khassakiyah Axemen info

Khassaki Axemen

Here's the list of things left to do:
-Need to finish Sultan and Crown-Prince battle and strat models.
-Need to finish custom portraits for Imams, Merchants and Diplomats.
-I want to finish two more units for the roster: Jund Spearmen and Tawashi Cavalry. I initially ruled out creating the Tawashi, but now I’ve changed my mind!
-Finish armor upgrades for elite units (this might come later in a patch so not a pressing priority atm).
-Finish custom battle models for Saladin and Al-Adil.

I am trying my best to finish this next update with the Ayyubids by the end of the year, but I might get a little delayed as it is the holidays and I will be spending a lot of time with the family. If this happens hopefully I don’t get too delayed and I can release this update in early January.

I’ve already thought about the next faction to develop and that will be the Seljuks of Rum. I have these ideas for preliminary roster and am open to ideas and research on this faction:

-Azabs (milita-line: archers, spearmen, macemen, crossbowmen and horse archers)
-Iqta'Dar (professional troops: spearmen, swordsmen, heavy cavalry lancers)
-Sipahi (professional troops: horse archer, heavy cavalry lancers and dismounted heavy infantry)
-Ghulams (elite troops: horse archer, heavy cavalry, dismounted heavy infantry archers)

I anticipate development will go by swiftly for the Turks as I can use a lot of the same assets I used for the Ayyubids for them.

I word on mercenaries,…. they will only be available in the Egyptian and Levantine regions so far. The Crusaders can recruit the following: Crusader Knights, Crusader Sergeants and Crusader Crossbowmen. The Ayyubids can recruit these troops: Nubian Archers, Nubian Spearmen and Bedouin Cavalry. However they won’t be ready for the next release, I will release them with the armor patch hopefully later in January or sometime in February.

So there you go, hopefully all of you are enjoying the holidays and spending time with your loved ones. Happy Holidays to you all and may the new year bring you many new blessings!


that epic!

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Thank you!

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