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BetterWarrior - - 134 comments

I'm just wondering how you can make infantry change weapon like bazooka team?

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MDFK - - 3 comments

I await further developments and hope many other countries like china, Japan, UK, Indonesia

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GlikStyle - - 8 comments

uthum876,i have a problem in the mod,i am playing the game with the mod and suddenly the computer start to make units in the barracks(my barracks) and i am playing alone. please fix it
without this for beta its just a perfect mod!

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Super7700 - - 717 comments

Uthum876 wrote:
As mentioned in the readme, the script complements the mod. However the script will only work if your player color is the following: green, yellow, white, orange, and cyan. If you play using red, blue or purple colors, the script will train units automatically for you. In the next release I want to try and fix this and make the script compatible with all player colors.

Read the release notes more carefully next time...

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azangara - - 438 comments

please help
I unfortunately do not know how to work with 3D
I would like to create a modification to the units and buildings 17 - 19 century
century discoveries and colonies.
I need help in the creation of units and their introduction into the gameplay as I really can not do it by himself.
My idea:
1. Towns
2. village that is built as a city once they replace the farm and production resources
My idea:
1. Towns
2. village that is built as a city once they replace the farm and production resources (that is, it is such zheleznodobyvayuschaya mine with only three houses in the same), so it comes as sawmills and farms for the production of food, for example, and add sheep farm which will produce gold
3. Create units age 17 - 19 century
Minesweeper (which can build blockhouses)
physician (can parse the field hospital)
officer, drummer, flagonosets.
if possible to the barracks was not created by three soldiers and an officer was created directly tied to the 50 to units
for example, one soldier is worth 15 food 200 iron 50 gold
then in the barracks, they will make up the cost of food 750 iron 2500 10000 gold
is it possible to make so that the units were built in the formation unit, line, square.
Layout-cutting units painted itself help please

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teodaigiaken - - 2 comments

When the mod will be full release

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0TheLastTemplar0 Creator
0TheLastTemplar0 - - 373 comments

yes sir ;)

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