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The very first release of the mod is now available for download. Happy Crusading!

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Hello, Dei Agminum Ver 1.0 release is available! I have not done a complete playtest so I am asking users to report bugs to me as soon as possible so I can release a hotfix in the next few days if needed. Please look for the following things: bugged out unit models/textures, missing unit icons/unit infos (specifically for rebels), typos in unit descriptions, missing unit sound (unit voice), and campaign map crashes. If you are experiencing a campaign map crash send me your log file so I can troubleshoot what’s causing the error. There should not be any access to gunpowder weapons/buildings in this campaign yet, if you encounter anything gunpowder related let me know. Also, be on the lookout for balancing issues, I would like to know how to improve unit balance. With that out of the way, I hope you have fun and enjoy this content and that it breathes new life into this gem of a game!

Release Features:

  • Two modded Factions: Jerusalem and Antioch.
  • Dozens of new units for the two factions! Encompassing over 73 new models and 181 textures.
  • New animations including dual-wielded weapons and working bowstrings!
  • New character portraits for generals, diplomats, merchants, spies, and assassins.
  • New UI elements including a new splash screen, loading screens, faction icons, banners/flags, unit icons and campaign map UI.
  • Three new building trees for the Templars, Teutonic Knights, and Hospitallers.
  • New armor system. Partial plate is not available yet in the campaign, but you can play with the partial plate Templar knights in custom battles.
  • New respawning generals: Templar Grandmaster (Jerusalem), Hospitaller Grandmaster (Jerusalem), Marshall of the Hospitallers (Antioch). The two grandmasters are dependent on you holding Jerusalem and the marshall is dependent on you holding Krak de Chevaliers.
  • New Stratmap models for both factions including the generic general, generic captain, king, and heir.
  • Heroes, with unique models and textures! Jerusalem players can command Balian, Baldwin IV, Richard the Lionheart, and many others while Antioch has access to Raynald de Chatillon and Philip Augustus.

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King Baldwin wishes you much luck and contentment in your first playthrough of Dei Agminum.


Finally! It looks so good looking forward to more.progress but first.


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0TheLastTemplar0 Author

Thank you! Could you please confirm its working for you? Some folks are complaining about a map issue.

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