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Current State of the mod. KOJ development is about 80% finished. The Roman Empire is the next faction to be worked on. I am also looking to put together a mod team for this project.

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Although the mod made its debut on ModDb today, I have already amassed a body of work. The Kingdom of Jerusalem is mostly done, in terms of units, stratmap models and banners. I am pretty much going to port over my work from Jerusalem Rising into this mod which is why I have so much progress on the Kingdom of Jerusalem. All that's left to do for KOJ is to implement all the units and art by editing the needed data files. I don't think this will take more than a week.

For loading screens and UI elements I will be bringing over assets from "Regnum Caelorum", another M2TW Crusades mod; all credit goes to "thewanderingknight" the creator of that mod who gave me permission to use these assets. I will also be creating my own elements.

I've also started working on unit design for the Roman Empire. I've created a base model that will be used for the development of various medium infantry types for this faction. With that said, you may have guessed already that after I finish developing KOJ I will be going full-on into developing the RE. Your feedback of course is welcome.

Also I am open to collaborating with anyone willing to help. As I am comfortable with working on the art, if someone can help with editing files and scripting that would be an invaluable asset to me. Hopefully I can put together a small team to realize this project.

Byzantine Medium Infantry. My main inspiration being the Byzantine Army of the Komnenian era.


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