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This is an update about the new NATO infantry with some backstory.

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NATO forces is losing ground at an alarming rate. Losing both Afghanistan and Germany, NATO forces is now on full retreat to the British Isles. Evacuation of civilians are now the way, those cannot are forced to work for the PLA to fuel its warmongering rage. Defending the evacuation zone, NATO forces have deployed several special forces to deal with the horde of the Red Army.

While Rangers squad hold the line, Steward and Seneschal squad provide suppressive fire on the charging Red Guards. Riflemen are trying to keep it together upon the endless wave of the PLA, rifles fired blindly with shaky aims. Some missed, some luckily hit. Morale of the NATO force is on the all time low as the relentless force of the PLAGF charges in without end.

A map displaying territory factions control over Europe (10/9/2018)

NATO "Riflemen" squad is the frontline operative unit in NATOGF consisted of immigrants and expatriates. They're trained in the basics of combat role, and they're ready to fight for their home.

Armaments: M16 assault rifle and M33 grenade.
Body armours: None.
Capture time: 40 seconds.

NATO "Ranger" squad is the light infantrymen of NATOGF that are capable of performing a wide range of combat tactics in conventional warfare. They are a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

Armaments: M4 assault rifle, M67 grenades (upgraded to M203 under-barrel grenade launcher) and M9 anti-tank grenades (upgraded to M72 LAW anti-tank weapon.)
Body armours: Kevlar vest.
Capture time: 25 seconds.

NATO "Steward" squad is one of the fire support teams of NATOGF. They can provide sustained-fire or steady bursts for other operative units in their area. No other infantry could go so easily through them without bullet holes in their chests.

Armaments: M249 light machine gun, M67 grenades and M18 smoke grenade.
Body armours: Kevlar vest
Capture time: 32 seconds.

NATO "Colonel Burton" is arguably the finest commando in the US army with more than 25 years of experiences in solo search and destroy operations. He refuses to move up his rank because he prefer to get into the real action in the field rather than sitting back and give orders. He is also an experienced climber making any obstacles obsoleted. He is even given command of a highly classified prototype weapon, the OCIW, to fight the enemy of the US.

Armaments: XM29 OICW assault rifle, M18 smoke grenade and C4 sachel charge.
Body armours: None.
Capture time: 25 seconds.

NATO "Seneschal " squad is the primary fire support team of NATOGF. They provide sturdier and more powerful firepower than light machine gun teams that could even penetrate lightly armoured vehicles. Their static nature makes them extremely venerable to many threats on the battlefield if unprotected.

Armaments: M240 general-purpose machine gun with deployable tripod.
Body armours: None.

To be continue...

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Oh man, they look awesome! Burton looks a bit strange though, huge baby head, creepy. But the rest of them are top notch!

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KinQQz - - 1,870 comments

he kinda looks like an alien lol.

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