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Deeper has been fully released, with builds available for Windows and Mac

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Deeper Full Release:


This is the final gold release of Deeper! Our final devblog and relevant links are below:

What's new and why?

For our final release, we focused primarily on adding planned content and perfecting the balance and pace of gameplay. The game has been optimized and balanced to have a playtime of about 15 minutes, with players being able to experience most of the game within that time. A summary of additions and changes is below:

  • Alternate paths have been added downwards towards the diamond, to give players more freedom in their pathmaking and provide less opportunities to get lost in the dark
  • Most utilities and upgrades have been buffed significantly in order to encourage their purchasing and use
  • Added a cash drop upon player death -- a respawned player can collect this drop and recover all lost money
  • Level design now includes more batteries which fully heal the player's light and respawn on player death in order to encourage exploration and let the player explore
  • Level design includes fewer hazards so player's survive longer on average
  • Pricing has in general been reduced to reduce the impact of losing money on death and allow more players to experience these features
  • A consistent, complete lore and story is now fully present
  • Added a final boss when the player reaches the deepest depths
  • Audio has been rebalanced -- certain sounds are no longer significantly louder/quieter than others
  • Scene transitions have been added to add professional polish
  • Redesigned utility UI -- now, players activate their purchased utilities by pressing the hotkey on that utility's corresponding UI slot
  • Several bug fixes

Link to builds:



Damian Jankowski

Kobe Shi

Patrick McKeever

Tyler Schneider

Faraaz Iqbal

With music by: Dylan Abramowitz

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