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There was once a year called 2013, but now it's gonna pass and the only thing left behind it will be sad memories and bad stories. Welcome 2014 for more of that.

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Ladies and gentleman,

2013 is almost done for some and already done for others. On behalf of the Deep Impact team i would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! May 2014 be a much better year for everyone and a fruitful as fuck year for modding. Get high, get drunk, and most important HAVE FUN!

Now for the actual update:

WEA Power Plant

WEA early power production facility. Equipped with an underground silo that hold equipment for both day and night duties. Once built, depending on the time of day (map type) it will deploy either it's large solar panel or it's wind turbines.

WEA Barracks

WEA infantry training facility. Also has a Med Bay for emergency cases.

WEA Air Center

WEA air units production facility. Can hold 3 VTOL units and has a helipad for gunship deployment.

Well that's it for 2013. See you in 2014. And as a bonus, we have 3 screenshots with WEA ingame.

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3
Well that's all we have for this update.
Want more info? Head to our website!

Comments and suggestions? Post them in the server!
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and we'll see you in the next update.
MrTimm - - 4,994 comments

Great update there guys!!

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SveaRikeSoldier - - 1,625 comments

Very nice. Very nice indeed. Oh and kudos for making an airfield that isn't two runways and four hangars.

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Rikuo - - 401 comments

hey you gingers (that's no soul, though)!!...
happy new year to you and your mod!!...
i can smell a release of deep impact when think of what's to come this year...

anyway, keep up the good work guys...
have fun with your project, and we'll have fun playing with it too...

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yavuztezcan - - 709 comments

Keep it up

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