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This month, we have something rather different for you all.

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Rolling out, commander! A line uttered by almost every unit, in every game ever made. It's not really that fun or interesting, and it sure as heck isn't unique. So for this month's bonus update, we are going to be a little unique. By not updating you with anything at all.

Instead, we are enlisting you to help us! The problem with developing a mod is that sometimes, you don't have enough brains to pump for ideas. So we're going to be using yours instead. We won't be feeding them to our pet zombies, but we will be asking you to rack them for ideas. We want you to come up with some of the most imaginative lines that you can think of for ANY unit that has so far been released. We'll provide the voices, but we want you to provide the script. For example, should you select the DragonLord, we want several awesome, awe-inspiring lines, perhaps something along the lines of "We'll roast those pigs"

To enter this once-in-a-lifetime competition, you will need to provide at least one line, maximum of three, for each of the following actions:
Selection of the unit
Movement of the unit
The unit attacking.

You may choose up to three units. You may only enter once. You may not eat someone else's brain to get more ideas. Should you wish to enter, you need simply post your minimum of three lines, maximum of nine, right here by the 1st of January.

But wait, there's even more. This is not just a bit of fun, but it's also competitive fun! Of all the entries, we will be picking a winner, who has the overall best lines for their chosen unit. This winner will then get the following:
- A signature and avatar accrediting their win
- A place on the mod credits
- The opportunity to help rename a fair few of the current units, including the AC Reconer, the AC AHTT and the WEA RSDG.

So, from the EC team, good luck, and have fun!


force field
selection: ill profide good shelter
protecting the frontline
they wont break MY wall
there it's dangerous enough
allright lets protect them
they wont need to run for cover
shield activation:
this would hold long enough

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ok first of all sorry for my double posting but i search for a unit first and then i try to think of some lines
and also sorry for my bad english
there chanses are zero now already
everything wil go to ashes
what is your problem? it wont last long
oh i see its still intact
they alays leave when i come
i'm moving already!
you want to win now already?
what are they thinking?
wach out guys this will get VERY ugly

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AC sioux:

Selection - "heavy air support here"
"hunter of the skies reporting"
"Confederate air forces, sir"

Movement - "scouting that area"
"send us to the fighting sir"
"hope there are some targets there"

Attack order - "they dont stand a chance"
"id like a challenge, sir"
"bringing down the rain of fire" (or just fire)

id like some feedback from members as well as the community plz =]

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How the heck do you think of this stuff?

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Guys Im glad to see your entires but remember to post in this forum:

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Selection- "Superior fire power OVER here"
Movement- "It's only a cuestion of time"
Attack- "They will fall into piesces"

Selection- "I'm ready comrade"
Movement- "Cheking radar"
Attack- "Death is fast!"

Selection- "We serve to protect"
Movement- "Ready to clear the skyes"
Attack- "Aimming and fireing!!"

PD: sorry, too busy to make an account I'm not going to use too much..too busy outa here

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mbob61 Author

I will add these to the Fallout thread if i have to but I'd really like you to all makes accounts if you could.
That way, you can contribute in the future as well :)


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Post your suggestions here :D

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Centurion (metallic voice):
Selection: ''Loyal to the end'' or ''Advanced Armour''
Movement: ''Locomoters moving'' or ''Mobilizing''
Attack: ''Anhilation imminent'' or ''Bring them to thier knees!"
When damaged: Shields at 25%! Danger!"
Sorry for posting here, but my iPod can't handle the forums!

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Its alright, mike will add it to the forums

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