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Show us the limits of your imagination! ModDB, Nvidia and Deep Silver partner up for an exclusive competition celebrating the long awaited release of Dead Island Riptide!

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Show us the limits of your imagination! ModDB, Nvidia and Deep Silver partner up for an exclusive competition celebrating the long awaited release of Dead Island Riptide the follow-up to the 2011 original title. What better way to show the world just what PC gaming is all about then a massive scripting competition and just like the now infested island of Palanai everything is fair game. We challenge you to rip open Riptide and engage in video game surgery, changing the very core of the game to reflect your ideal zombie sandbox. The most entertaining, polished and unique submissions will have a chance to win a custom iBuypower Dead Island PC stuffed full of fantastic hardware and Nvidia graphics cards!

Only winners can taste the sweet, stickiness of brai... *ahem* victory and to be one of the chosen few make sure you get your entry in before the cut off date. Do not fear you have a lot of time to tinker and toy with Dead Island Riptide just make sure you follow these simple steps once you're ready to submit!

  1. Rip open Riptide and engage in video game surgery! With no SDK or tools this is wildwest of modding at its finest. Everything is fair game if you can change it we want to see it! Oh and keep it above the belt if you can.
  2. Film and highlight your changes. The clearer your video is the easier it will be to notice the changes you have made. Then all that is left upload the video to YouTube!
  3. Upload the modification to the download section of the Dead Island Riptide profile and embed your YouTube video in the description panel!
Lоnerboner - - 8,303 comments

Holy sheet

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romnus - - 1,145 comments

neat O_o

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Torhque - - 46 comments

Very neat.

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Allfather - - 158 comments

Ahh... too poor to even get this game right now. Pity. I am rather experienced with coding.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
Lоnerboner - - 8,303 comments

I feel your pain.

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SewnShut - - 5 comments

This game is such s#i% that the developers had to reach out to the mod community to basically say, "please fix our game and we will hook you up".

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KyrDerz - - 133 comments

Same thought here. And they will get a good help for only a pc and 3 video cards. Not cool

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Kark-Jocke - - 14,674 comments

This is Awesome! :D

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Otter. - - 1,355 comments

What? First price is only a PC with a skin?
No ridiculously distasteful, sexed up, mutilated torso statue?
I'm not sure it's really worth it then. How can I live my life and be cool without a piece like that.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

why does everyone whine about that torso? if you don't want it, don't buy it. Its that simple.

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Otter. - - 1,355 comments

It's not that I could buy it here, or even want to purchase this mediocre game. It's about PR.
That thing begs the question that: What kind of drugs where the marketing team on when they came up with that idea? And most of the company had no problem with it whatsoever because it came out.
I'm not offended by it, I've seen much more worse things. It's just how can someone trust a company that hypes their games, come up with a stupid marketing idea like that an then gives out an average game at best.

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dropthedish - - 1 comments

Admittedly I have not played the first game yet. I still wish I could enter the contest w/o doing the script LOL. I already have an iBuypower computer that is in multiple pieces that I am in the process of repairing. I don't have the money to upgrade it atm. It's about 14 months old and I've opened it and cleaned it several times. I never took the time to pay attention to the details of this box until now. It has some of the most bleeding edge parts I've ever seen. I got good parts on the items I could choose. Unfortunately, I did not pay enough attention to the items, at the time, that I could not change or was not recommended to be changed. I won't go into more detail unless someone needs specifics. Their customer service, at the time, was horrible as well (being as I'm a WAS, or I should say, typical American with only one language) :)

I just hope for everyone's sake that iB has improved but I've bought 2 complete desktops from them (one for my daughter about 3 years ago). It did not last very long. I've given them 2 chances.

Anyway, I LOVE NVidia video cards. I will use nothing else. I just cannot afford to upgrade the card I have: 9600 with a Gig on it.

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Adeno - - 168 comments

I entered my George Romero Survival Horror Edition mod after I found out about this contest. It's a mod that aims to please both fans of the classic slow Romero zombies and the modern fast ones, while following closely to the rules of zombie lore. Headshots or somehow damaging the brain is the way to kill zombies, their bites are now lethal because they rip your throat open, and zombies have become even more relentless. Collecting food and drinks is now an important part of the experience.

I've made my mod very user friendly because I believe that each player has a different idea of how they want to have fun in the game. Players can choose from variations of zombies to put in the game. There's the classic Romero zombie who's very slow and can only grab and bite you. The second version is a mix between the Romero and Dead Island zombie, still slow but can punch as well. The third is the modern fast zombie that can run, grab, and attack you.

I've also added a lot of optional features in the mod including different variation of shops, your inventory, clear hud (with or without a radar), and I also added some extra "just for fun" choices like Matrix Mode and Athletic Mode. In future versions of the mod, there's going to be more choices for the player to have fun with!

As for me, with the support of people who enjoy my George Romero mod, I hope to win the computer. I do 3D modeling and some animation using Zbrush and 3DS Max, but my seven year old hardware severely limits how much I could translate my ideas into digital art. I only have an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHZ, 2 GB RAM, GTX 550 Ti computer that runs on Windows 7, so you can already imagine how limited it can do when it comes to high poly modeling and animation. Winning the computer would definitely be a huge help for me because it would allow me to create more detailed and higher quality creatures and animation, despite my challenging financial situation.

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