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Another standout mission has been released this holiday season. GameDevGoro's "Lockdown Part 1" has been completed and enhanced by Bikerdude and Fidcal.

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Lockdown Part 1 Release

Lockdown Part 1

Mission Briefing:

"The entire town is under lockdown. There is supposedly some bandit activity going about and the city watch made a countermeasure to seal all exits leading to the docks and Singsmarsh."

"Between the docks and Singsmarsh is Greensdove. A peculiar town indeed. It's a town that was once poor but got wealthier as time passed."

"The houses are built on top of older ones, making it a narrow and crowded place."

"My good friend reminded me recently that the money we spent on our equipment was a few shiny gold coins more than we expected."

"For this reason I am breaking into the Greensdove streets to go amateur for some quick money. It should be a short and profitable trip."

"My friend also mentioned that he knows of a way to get the bandits out of the city and how that could help us thieves significantly."

"He has a vague understanding regarding the whereabouts of a certain character named Murchad. I am to find proof that he does live here in Greensdove."

"He handed me a letter that I could use to tip off the guard captain of the area, but he said that I'd have to find some solid evidence of the bandit leader's presence before we can be sure the letter contents are of importance."

Mission authors:

GameDevGoro, Bikerdude

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(Or check the new Mission Download area in v1.03)

Pennypacker - - 262 comments

Just played it, very good mission.
I loved the whole sub-plot thingy. Felt like I was back in The City :)

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nbohr1more Author
nbohr1more - - 447 comments

Yep. We need to keep the pressure on GameDevGoro to work on the sequel.

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Hizavok - - 10 comments

Loved the level.
Hoping to see the next installment soon.

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