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A "diary" to tell you about my progress with the story Dark case

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Hey hey! I know I have been really bad when it comes to post information about my progress but, as I usually say, "better late than never".

I have recently finished two maps and is currently getting inspiration so I can start with the next map.
The voice acting is almost done. I have three voice actors, 2 of them done, one left to go, although I will get them at the end of this week according to the voice actor so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I can also tell you that alot of custom music is added! At least 75% of the maps will have custom music to be exactly.

I am most likely 40-60% done with the story, all custom materials and voice acting included. Some maps will be pretty short while some maps/quests will require backtracking (you need to go back to finish a quest. Or go back and search for items if you miss them) or simply include harder puzzles that will take longer time to complete.

QUESTION: Should I upload a demo or should I just upload the finished product later on?

SovietMentality - - 1,033 comments

I hope I can inspire you

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Webber1900 - - 51 comments

I would wait for a full release. :)

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