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A summary on the new features present in CWE 1.04 and a sneak preview of what is to come in CWE 1.05.

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Space Race:

How it works:

Step 1: Set up a Space Agency

Setp 2: Select Space Funding policy - Governmental or Private. Government funding policy will decrease time taken to achieve success in Space Programs but at a higher cost to maintain.

Step 3: Build a Spacefaring rocket

Step 4: Build a satellite

Step 5: Send a man into space and develop a space probe

Step 6: Mission to the Moon

Step 7: Mission to Mars

You can also join the International Space Station program.

Wartime Rationing:

Wartime rationing has 3 levels, high, medium, low. High, medium rationing allows your factories to run on less resources. This is very useful during total wars where many of your provinces are occupied which reduces the amount of raw resource produced for your nation's economy potentially stopping production in your factories. Do beware though that your people won't be pleased with extended rationing and may rebel if kept for too long.

Nationalisation & Privatisation:

Option to have nationalised major industries or privatised ones with either option having both advantages and disadvantages.

After 10 since nationalisation, you can choose to privatise those industries for a big lump sum of cash.

Alternatively, after 10 years of privatisation, you can also nationalise inexchange for spending large amounts of money.

Proxy Wars:

How it works:

When a country is having a rebellion, neighbouring countries can choose to support either the Government or the Rebels. This will simulate the extension of a local conflict into the region. When their are at least one neighbouring country backer on both the Rebel side and the Government side and the rebellion has in turn become more extensive in the country, the afflicted nation can then ask for help from their sphere master superpower if they are in a sphere of a rank 1 or 2 nation. This will trigger off a series of events where the superpowers will choose which side they wish to be on (Government or Rebels) with both always being on opposite ends. If the superpower choses to back the government then if the events conclude in their favour then they will gain immense influence over the country. If the superpower choses to back the rebels instead and the series of events end favourably, the rebels will be able to sieze control of the country. These events can lead to war or the issue passing to the UN, effectively perpetuating the conflict for another 2 years unless the rebels can sieze the country on their own.

Olympic Games:

How it works:

In 1948, London olympics event will fire.

Whenever Olympic Games begin, invitation to participate will be sent to all nations. Opting to participate will give chance to gain or lose prestige depending on performance of national team.

At the end of the current Olympic Games, a random non SP or GP country will be selected (1) to host the games for which they can reject or accept. If the nation rejects then a random SP or GP will be selected to host the games. If the nation rejects then (1) occurs again.

Hosting the games requires a lot of cash to build the Olympic stadium, media centres and Olympic village. If you fail to build all three then before the games begin 4 years after selection, then your games will go disasterously causing massive prestige hit.

If you're at war before the games begin. Your country will be deselected and a new country selected instead.


Unfortunately climate change will have to be pushed to Version 1.05 due to the sheer amount of polishing required for Version 1.04. Version 1.05 will be focused on the Post Cold War Era.

Features planned for CWE 1.05:

Regime Change
Climate Change
World Epidemics
UN Fleshing out

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