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As you know at Dev central we have long encouraged the modding of the mod, so its with great pleasure that today we have uploaded not one! Not two! But three new add-ons for your downloading pleasure so check out a little about each below...

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Battlefield Refit Add-On by Thomas Moore (Fangoriously)

This Replacement balance mod from fangoriously changes the core game of 1.2 CTA reshaping the balance of the game for all factions, As one of the lead balance designers for CTA when i met Thomas he had a distinct idea of how he wanted to change CTA...

He set about shaping and crafting his own distinct version of the mods balance seeking realism over all, while we didnt always agree in our conversations over the direction of balance in CTA myself and my fellow balance designer Draconis agreed with the other devs long ago when we started the Add On Section and before that it was only right that Trek fans have their own shot with out assets at forming their own worlds and game and Thomas has just done that, having played his mod even before the 1.2 release its not only enjoyable but it offers a unique and well rounded new take on the game.

So if you want a change please try the Battlefield Refit Add On by Thomas Moore.

2nd Dreadnought Add-On by General Martox

Sometimes one dreadnought just doesn't feel like enough... So one day one of our Mod Fans came to me via way of PM and Asked how do you give everyone more dreads, i explained that we only allowed the dominion to produce clones of their main dreadnought, but this didn't deter General Martox, he was on a mission to craft his own addon extraordinary as it may seems his sole goal was to produce an add on that allows multiple dreadnoughts and hes done just that

Known Space Add-On by Carl Kelly

Gul Dukut described the add on pack by Carl Kelly as an excellent addition to the wonderful maps already created by our very own mapmaker Cailean556...Carls maps add various locations from Star Trek History, giving you the chance to battle across sectors of the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Quadrants, I cant honestly tell you how much time goes into map testing and i think Carls dedication to producing high quality maps and then testing them really shrines through in this map pack, so please download and enjoy like myself :)

This Is Bane Signing out, oh and dont forget to say thanks to all the guys for making such excellent Add-Ons for you CTA fans out there!

**Disclaimer** the CTA Devs are unfortunately unable to assist with the installation of add on packs or fixing of bugs for add on packs, you can leave the add on authors messages on the forums and add ons section of their pages**

BigCheese256 - - 2,241 comments

Enterprise, Polaris and Excalibur and in a fleet together with all their AOE damage reduction buffs active.
Oh my...

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jk_bonn - - 153 comments

Sorry but where are these mods???

Can't find them in the addon section or elsewhere?

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Yanxa - - 400 comments

Still being approved by the site admins, probably. Give it a few hours.

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jk_bonn - - 153 comments

Ok, thanks for the reply^^

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masterdude94 - - 741 comments

One question Devs, are these add-ons compatible with eachother?

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fangoriously - - 121 comments

Hey there all, my add-on is in the final bit of internal testing, just mainly to make sure nothing i changed breaks the AI into being dysfunctional or something like that, as time allows I've been playing out some full games. The devs have a copy of the add-on in its current form, but PROBABLY shouldn't upload it yet, before i am sure its ready, and because i'm pretty sure i didn't convert the files i sent back to binary yet, so all those files might lag slower computers pretty noticeably.

anyway, i got full change notes and an overview posted here

feel free to conduct any discussion about the add on there

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Bane(Dev) Author
Bane(Dev) - - 612 comments

When your final is ready Tom just pass it to me on skype and ill swap the file out here :)

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