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Read anything related to the upcoming update! Version 1.9.3 is coming close to release! Compared to 1.9.2 we have done an insane amount of balance/improvments/fixes!

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Version 1.9.3 is coming close to release!

Compared to 1.9.2 we have done an insane amount of balance/improvments/fixes!

One of the highlights is the complete new AI written from scratch for GDI, Nod, Cabal and The Forgotten. Their architecture is now modular based, so it's easy to add new tasks to it. With their new AI I have also terminated the "cheat" that they could build all units without meeting the prerequisite buildings.

Some new sounds were added to. You will notice some small changes at sound management. Also units are going to have more unique voices. For example the Titan uses now the voice from C&C 3 KW and so on etc. Units got removed/new added/changed/moved/replaced to be more useful.

The balance has improved a lot now. Some units got new roles/weapons. Now we have also seperate harvesters for each side. The Type-G Harvester (GDI) is slow, heavy armored and does have a big storage. The Harvester Type-N (Nod) is a nasty one. It uses subterrain movement to safety transport Tiberium, but because of it's special mechanism it can't load that much. The Type-C Harvester (Cabal) is a hover type vehicle which is indeed deadly. It is armed with a light fast shooting laser (does not autofire!) to defend it's freight from enemies. The Type-F Harvester (The Forgotten) is light armored and very fast. It may be an easy target, but it's hardly destroyable on Tiberium fields. The Mutants modified it to heal on Tiberium like all their vehicles.

With the update also some units got new graphics. Examples would be the Tick Tank, Attack Buggy, Recon Bike, Artillery, Devils Tounge and some others like infantry. We did also add new projectile types. Now the IONRail looks very unique. Railguns now works more like in C&C3 (no ambient damage=no firendly kills) Exeption is the IONRail which is an evolved Railgun combined with IonCannon laser technology. GDI uses this prototype technology for example on their Advanced Fortress Tower (4 IonCannons) and the Krukov Ion Tank (1 small IonCannon). There are rumors that GDI is also improving their thermal lasers, also known as G-Laser for their mechs like the legendary Nemesis.

After so long time I could finally fix one reason for the "random crashes" it was caused by veterancy sight improvments hitting the limit of 11 cells of view, which caused crashes when units with big sightrange got promoted. But there is still one crash left I think (late game crash) I need to do more trial and error tests to find out what it is.

At the moment Techlevel 1-6 is finished. I am going to finish techlevel 7-10 and adding more unit voices in the next following days. Also new maps are included!

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I got time to test new MODs this week, looking forward to your latest release when it gets here. ^^

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