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An overview of upcoming CryENGINE 3 titles. Promotion week 3: ArcheAge (which started development on CryENGINE 2)

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Promotion Week 3: ArcheAge

In this week CryENGINE 3 promotion week on CryENGINE3 Developers Group we take a look at ArcheAge a MMORPG that is being developed on the CryENGINE 2 and 3. Thats the reason I'm posting it on both CryENGINE 2 and CryENGINE 3 Developer group. According to the developers it won't be a CryENGINE 3 game until the following beta stage planned in November 2011.

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ArcheAge a MMORPG has been in development for three years by Korean developer XL Games. With a budget of around $ 50-60 million dollars. They started the development with CryENGINE 2 but they have recently started to adept certain parts with CryENGINE 3. For the moment the graphical work has yet to be applied for CryENGINE 3, so far they applied the physical engine and animation from CryENGINE 3.

I could tell you a lot about the game and its gameplay in which characters can build houses, enjoy massive pvp battles, adventure in a free-roaming world and that the beta is at fase nr3, but at this moment there are no plans for a English language release yet (However they do plan on a US / Europe release later on). So until they announce a world-wide release (or just Europe / Australia / America) I'm just gonna leave you with some inspiring level design videos:

You can view more ArcheAge level design videos in our video section here.

If you want to know more about ArchAge visit the following links:
Official site
All that we know about ArcheAge.

Thats it for CryENGINE3 Development Group promotion week nr. 3. Next week more CryENGINE3 upcoming game news. Thank you for reading. And dont forget to join CryENGINE3 Development Group.

update week 4 is out now.
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looks great, might try it.

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I Will play this game depending on the Payment model :)

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not bad game but one thing im not a fan of magic you guys could make with cryengine 3 good middle age game something similar age of empires 3

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I was wearing pants in the begining and now they have gone missing :/ love the look of this MMO its just beautiful on CE3

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I've stopped playing MMO's for awhile, but I'm a Cryengine fan and might try this.

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