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Before you grab your torches and pitchforks because the mod download isn't available at exactly 12:00 midnight on the 30th, read this:

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I am proud to announce that, as we speak, 501stCaptainRex and I are working diligently to eradicate the last few remaining bugs in the mod. We will continue to clean it up and make it look pretty through our holiday weekend in order to deliver the mod on time.

Now, before you grab your torches and pitchforks when you see that the mod is not uploaded at exactly 12:00 Midnight on the 30th, here's a rough estimation of when the mod will be uploaded and ready for you to download.

ROUGH ESTIMATION: Saturday, November 30th, approximately 10:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
NOTE: I did not account for Murphy's Law in this estimation

Again, It's a rough estimation, it could be later than that, it could be earlier. when I feel that it's ready, it's ready.

Thanks for reading, -Delta289

MarcosP_BR - - 119 comments

Nice! I'm looking forward to play this mod!

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Sooner535 - - 73 comments

"Sharpens pitch fork"

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Xenodon - - 119 comments

You should have accounted for Murphy's Law. Say give (or probably not take) a few hours to account for the fact that the internet hates our souls, and picks the most opportune times to jack up. Knock on wood everything will proceed as planned :D Oh and happy thanksgiving folks x3

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The_M_Factor - - 218 comments

as long as it doesnt turn into TGW release i will not sharpen my pitchfork

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Commissar_Delta Author
Commissar_Delta - - 5,828 comments

ohnononono, we've gotten all of the major bugs out of the game play inhibiting bugs here

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dachiakia - - 109 comments

How am I supposed to gather my hay and see in the dark without my torch and pitchfork though. Are you trying to destroy my farming livelihood?!

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Pillidge - - 9 comments

Can't wait to finally play a game that is not only about the Clone Wars miniseries, but has music from said miniseries inside of it.

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