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Lots of new Weapons/Equipment, New Maps, Strategus Fixed, DTV Mode Fixed, New DTV waves, Website Updates, Many Bug Fixes, Reverted back to the pre-Patch of Destiny XP/leveling system, changes which should 'normalize' the balance of the game.

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

It has been a long time since we had a proper patch for cRPG and we are pleased to say that time has finally come! Developers Professor and Dupre have been hard at work fixing bugs, tweaking the game and implementing new items!

camel openvisor eyeslotkettlehat 1

(A few of our newest items! More below!)

1. Leveling System

Listening to the community it became clear that changes in the previous Patch of Destiny had resulted in overpowered and unbalanced builds. With this patch we have reverted to pre-PoD levels. This will result in a more balanced playing field and less abusive builds.

Additionally levels have been soft capped at a lower level to allow new players to be at less of a disadvantage than players who have committed large amounts of time reaching the highest levels.

Here are the new XP requirements for each level. Note that levels 36-39 are no longer achievable

newxp charsheet

2. Mechanic/Game Mode Fixes and New Items

The arrival of new members and the return of old members to our team has allowed us to fix a long list of features, balance improvements, and implement many new items. Here are just some of the fixes, changes, and new items implemented in this patch:

  • Fixed Strategus, and granted all Castles, Towns and Villages substantial production power to increase gear availability and trading capabilities.

current map of na strategus

(Map of Strategus, the multiplayer campaign of cRPG)

  • Fixed DTV, and added a new wave of AI attackers.


(Head Dev Professor runs away from a mob of AI on DTV the coop vs. AI game mode of cRPG)

  • Fixed WSE2 Update Bug in the cRPG Launcher.


(cRPG Launcher, Used to Install and Launch cRPG)

  • Added Item Pictures to Website


(A view of part the body armor section of the cRPG shop. Thanks to Jarold for updating item pictures!)

  • Added New Maps, and updated old map rotation. Thanks Jarold and Peasant Woman for making new maps!

villagetowersjarold ruinedfortressjarold

  • Added many new items including Camel, Falx, Shepard's Axe, Lowlander Sword, Polehammer, Vietnamese Armors, Mongolian Plated Amor, Scottish Spearman Armors, Berserker Furs, Open-Visored Sallets, Valsgarde Helm, Eyeslot Hettlehats and many more!

(Some New Items Pictured Below)

mb1047 mb1048

mongolian scale armor Highlander Spearman Armor with S falx and shepaxe

polehammer heavyeyeslot2 hoan

Many thanks to Zimke and Weren from cRPG and Moeckerkalfie and Dansk from Vikingr for the beautiful new items! More to come!

3. New players

One goal is always to make it easier for new players to keep up with the veterans. New characters start at level 20 and new players receive a starter kit containing several fully upgraded max level items. Three mid-range weapons, a body armor and 30k Gold. New this patch new players can exchange their +3 starter items for any +3 items of their choice. This will allow new players to branch out into new classes that previously had no starter gear.

In addition recent changes to maximum effective level should reduce the gap between new players and old. Any new players looking for assistance can talk to the Community Managers for EU (Uther Pendragon) and for NA (James of Acre). Find us in the cRPG Discord. We are always looking to help out those newest to our community!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates!


We hope to see you on the field of battle!

The detailed changelog can be found on our forums. And if you never gave cRPG a try or found it too difficult, now is the time to remedy that. If you have any questions join us in the cRPG Discord and Visit to get started.

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